It’s Close to Miiidnight...And Three Friends Are Still Lost And In The Darrk... | The Conversation 2

SEE STANLEY THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DON’T EAT IN FRONT OF MEHI!” I say after a few minutes of being interrupted and complaining. If you didn’t know, this is my perspective of the Thinker’s Keys task that me, Mehi, and Stanley completed together. At this point, where it was almost 11:00pm, we were still having our little conversations…
See the presentation below to have a taste on what was happening…

By the way, that was a reconstruction, because the actual thing would be confusing. For help: I am green, Mehi is blue, and Stanley is purple. Wow, that sounded pretty awful. If you don’t get it, that’s good. But, moving on, the task. Now, in my post, I said-
Now, uh, heh. The three of us kept forgetting the task objective, so we came up with...this…
Well, I wasn’t lying, wasn’t I? And, just so you know, I did become frustrated (but yet laughed, thankfully) when my TEXTBOX WAS BEING DELETED. Gosh! And Stanley was the main person doing it. Mehi was too, but she didn’t do any more after that. After what you have seen in the presentation, Stanley, out of the blue, starts to do this…
“look guys watch this” typed Stanley,
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WATCH WHAT? THE DONKEY? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!” exclaimed Mehi, in typing. Don’t worry, people, the two call each other that as friends, because if you don’t know, it have stories behind them. No, really, they do have extremely peculiar stories that ended up with them having that nickname for each other. Trust me.
“哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈” Stanley then typed.
“IT’S A DONKEY MEHI SHUSH WE KNOW” I typed sarcastically, in need of a joke.
“that means hahahahahhahaha” Stanley typed, but me and Mehi were too busy making out own jokes surrounding what he just typed onto drawing.
“...yeah but what Stanley” I say, returning to Stanley, escaping the inner realm of jokes and puns...and donkeys.
“nah it really means BANANANANANANANA LOL” Stanley typed down, which by the looks of it, looked like it was aiming for Mehi. Remember, folks, these nicknames have quality stories behind them, but do hesitate to call them that in person. No one was getting out of control or anything…
Then he made a list…

Stanley: Donkey
Mehi: Banana
Willy Wonka.

To end this part of the series, I said this…



  1. WOW Willy I LOVEEE your title but just don't do that because it's my thing and yeah that night was a memorable time.



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