Friday, 17 July 2015

The Conversation Two: Willy, Mehi, and Stanley!


Some dialogue in this series has changed, but is still what we said.

Now, his post is going to be about the first ever work I’ve ever collaborated on in the late hours. Late, as in, after ten o’clock. It was me, Mehi, and Stanley, that decided, “Hey! Let’s do something together!”. And, unsurprisingly, I thought it would just be a normal work session, but just at home (because obviously we weren’t at the same house, we were at our OWN house, or at school). At this point, a little bit after 10:40pm, I shared the drawing. They arrive, and I completely forget everything I was going to do.

We started chatting.

The name of the drawing, just so you would know, was: KING STAN.

Now, Mehi was telling Stanley about her (what was) her recent experience at her Youth Camp. Check out her blog perspective here.

If you ever get to the parts where it said “raining and cloudy”, or read her comment where Mehi said, “...everybody wanted to go home it was cold…”, well...that’s basically what Mehi was talking about. The weather conditions of the camp during those few days. Stanley said a friend of his told him about some of it. Annd, I was sitting on the other side, gazing into their conversation. “I should make some toast, while I’m reading…” I said to myself.

But before I go, I stay and watch what Mehi continues to say. She said something, and then Stanley typed this down:

“SHUSH STAN! IT WAS COLD!” Mehi said. Well, announced loudly, in my view. “PEOPLE WANTED TO GO HOME!” Mehi continued.

So, while she was “talking” (just a way of saying she was typing, but really, in our minds, we could actually imagine her saying the words she typed), I began on the title of the task, pasted the objective into the drawing. And, went to make some toast.

Here’s what it looked like now…

Oh, and the title kept changing, so, the title was changed to: STAN THE DONKEY!

Then it was changed to: MEHI THE BANANA

Then finally, it was called…

Willy, Mehi, and Stanley.

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