Thursday, 23 July 2015

Technology - Food Technology - Food, And Food Technology...


The first session of Technology happened today. My group is now in Food Technology, and if you remember from last time, it was quite fun. At least that's how I remembered it...

"My group, which was in Food Technology last term, was now in..."

But first of all, there was yeah, it was the first week, it might as well be. Instead, we all discussed about food technology as a subject. Man, wasn't it like class...if only there was a picture...

Anyway, the drawing you're about to see is the first thing we did about food technology. We had to define it. We had to make our own definition for food technology. For help, we brainstormed about "food" and "food technology".


But if you're still wondering where the food part came in...milo and toast...ohh yeeah...haha!

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