Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Manaiakalani, Learn Create Share Cycle, Tamaki Primary Ambassador Speech!

Hi, everyone!

Today I can finally reveal to you, because I didn't know the videos of the speeches were on the document of our speech script, and I should've blogged this before, my Manaiakalani Speech about Learn, Create, Share, representing my school!

Now I shouldn't hold you here, so here is the link to my speech. I think this is the first speech, and I (along with all the other ambassadors) may be doing another presentation. So, thanks to this, I can improve on some things, for example, if I cough (spoiler alert!), I should at least say "Excuse me" straight after.

So, here it is, my speech. click here!

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Ms Aireen said...

Abundantly proud of you Willy! You are a natural presenter, full of confidence, vibrant and you definitely know how to capture the audience's attention with not only your humour but intelligent thinking and work.

I admire the way you spoke with confidence about your passion as a regular blogger and the way Learn, Create, Share happens in the class and @ TPS. The structure of your presentation was very clear and informative and I'm sure that the audience felt the same way.

Malo lava Willy!

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