Monday, 6 July 2015

My Locker Label!!

Yes, I did get this idea off of Mehi and Patosina. Here is my locker label. Now...well, I didn't plan this part. All I wanted to do was to post this finished piece of work from last week. Ahh, I've got it. The label you see here before you shows the music notes, which represent my love for listening to music. Not singing, because my voice is cracking a lot...

Moving on, the peace sings represent my continuing peace I bring wherever I go sometimes. I always end up being happy. The multiple pictures of hands holding the world...that, represents my blogging style, I guess?

My friend told me to do that anyway. I listened, knowing that would look good! Moving on, the hibiscus flowers represent my culture, Samoan. And, if you've looked closely, the letters of my name "Willy" are in different styles. Showing, my different tastes, and how I don't stick to just one thing.

Oh! And the blue sky with clouds in the background represent my admiration of sunny days. So, there you have it. My locker label, and the meanings behind the signs and symbols. And pictures.

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