Loop Cards! The Online Way...

Hi. Today I was practising my multiplication for a little while, experimenting some games and seeing if they were actually a benefit to learning and practising multiplication. Some games I played...nooot so good, they were mostly running games, collecting coins, and if a question popped up, it would only be either a basic times table (like 5 multiples, 10 multiples, 2 multiples), or, a repeating question.

Then, out of the loss of hope, I went onto the games that were sort of basic, but would still help me practise.

So here is the loop cards, online....


  1. Good on you for practicing your maths during the holidays Willie! What is the name of the website you found to practice here? I think it will be useful for some of my maths students :-) It is always useful to practice your multiplication facts so that when you tackle harder maths (like ratios) you have the base of knowledge to build on.


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