Thursday, 30 July 2015

KiwiCan! Term Three, Week Two!

This week it was the first session of KiwiCan for Room 10! It would've been in Week One, but if you remember back there, the Whole School Boot Camp/Whole School Reveal occurred. I was a little late, but thankfully I knew what was happening. The focus was emotions and feelings. We talked about how our attitudes and feelings could affect a situation. Once the discussion was done, and the deep thinking was shared.

To skip an activity, we had just sat in our different places. Then, there was this smart activity that had everyone going in their own direction. I think. The activity was that Mr. M (one of the teachers of KiwiCan, alongside Miss Latoya) would play some songs (appropriate ones for the activity) and everyone would get a piece of paper. Once there was a song was playing, we all had to draw or write what we felt from the song.

The picture below...uh...I know it's quite hard to see the picture, or to see what I drew, but you know! It's very hard to take a picture at night! It really is! Especially if you're like me, and don't know what is good lighting and what is not.

In that picture, if you look closely (hopefully!), you can see my name, which is there for an obvious reason, two out of three "BOOM!"s signalling sort of like, a surprise from one of the songs. And, there's some other signs I forgot was about but at the time, I showed SO much feeling!


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