Friday, 17 July 2015

The Will To Work… | The Conversation 2!

“oh yeah thanks guys for helping me out on this thinker’s key…” I typed, out of the blue, while we were hard at work. That then started a whole new conversation

After that, believe or not, Mehi started talking about her upcoming inspiration (or what was currently, because she did a presentation about him), Michael Jackson. The fact for today was, interestingly, about a supermarket that one of Michael Jackson’s friends owned, and had closed it...just for Michael to shop around and buy some stuff, like a normal person, but the thing was, if he WERE to shop normally, you know, the fans and stuff would bombard him, causing many bad things to happen.

But while Mehi was explaining the one fact, Stanley wasn’t quite in the “listening” mood…

“DO SOME WOERK” Stanley typed in big (sort of) letters, while Mehi was still striving to write the whole thing down. I was laughing out loud, as some could say, and when you’re laughing at what is nearly midnight, then you’re destined to keep online.

If I can just skip some few moments of actual work, and “silence” (meaning that none of us were talking non-academic language), we...were...finished!! But! Just as I feel overjoyed at the fact we finished something in less than a night, SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ME!!

All I remember was that I was going through rooms, getting toast and stuff into my bedroom, staying in my parent’s room, watching my sister so nothing bad happens to her (like if she rolls off the bed, almost happened many times, it’s sort of runs in the family, haha). I didn’t see this…

So, when I came back, there is no one responding.

“Hello?” I actually tell myself, returning back to the drawing, “Huh? They’re not…” I say, “...they’re not replying...what if it’s just that one exit that changed it all…” I conclude.

But they were just blogging the drawing. Oh, silly me, now I’d have to blog it, and it would take a while, obviously, considering how long it took them. Three minutes.

Now what happens here is weird. I’ll explain it sometime later on, not at this time at the moment, but we started “making comments” on the drawing. A little literally, we commented on the drawing and began a long conversation in which my netbook died (not going to explain it now…), Stanley deceived Mehi, and Mehi won this challenge.

Thanks for listening to this conversation. Sort of.

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