Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Gracepath Talk - Wednesday 15th July

For today, the body of the twenty-nine year old woman, whose body was found near the Damla River in Greystone, was identified as Nicole Smith. Those who recognise her to report their perspective of what happened on Sunday the fifth of July, more specifically, what happened between the hours of five in the afternoon, and at midnight.

The man assaulted yesterday has been released by Auckland in a normal condition, and has reported to police, with better memory, of the people that assaulted him. He was apparently kicked and bashed near Gracepath’s Shopping Centre, after midnight.

Police are announcing that they believe that the death of Nicole Smith, whose death is now a homicide and accidental, COULD be related to the robbery.

Knowing that Greystone is small and almost “experimental” to some locals in Gracepath, Gracepath Police Station is not only the local police station for Gracepath, but for Greystone, too. Police have a plateful of cases, involving the body of Nicole Smith, and the robbing of Gracepath’s Coperteen Road Dairy.

That’s all for now.

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