Thursday, 16 July 2015

Gracepath Talk - Thursday 16th July

Witnesses, in a group, have finally given new information about what happened to the Coperteen Road Dairy in the morning of  Monday, the sixth of July. Gracepath Police at first were restraining the group outside, until they had “spilled the details” from the robbery.

Down the road from the police station, heading into the Shopping Centre of Gracepath, an almost silent protest was held by some locals, residents, and some of the suburb council, holding signs in support of the police, while also sending messages out to motorists.

“To find the thief will be a relief” said one sign,
“Robbing a dairy is hard to carry” said another sign,
“CATCH THE-” the rest of the sign had a pretty suspicious word in it, in which was decided to be censored.

“We hope police will find the person behind this, or the people behind this, even.” said one of the public passing by.

The protest received support by motorists as they beeped their horns.

But, can this actually help police?

That's all for now...

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