Sunday, 19 July 2015

Gracepath Talk - Sunday 19th July (Finale)

After almost three weeks after the Coperteen Road Dairy robbing, and a week into the founding of Nicole Smith, and a couple of incidents occurring during the school holidays, Gracepath Police have made an arrest overnight into four individuals, whose names cannot be released for legal reasons.

Police were said to have approached the household, having checked CCTV footage of the last time Nicole Smith was alive, and the footage of the Coperteen Road Dairy the day of the robbery. By then, they had suspicions of the fact a group could have done it.

Clothing in the household matched the clothing in the security footage.

The four individuals then admitted to actually running over Nicole Smith near the Damla River, thus placing her body near the Damla River, on Sunday the 5th of July. They are "so sorry".

They had then, in the FOGGY early morning of Monday the 6th, they had allegedly tried to get rid of Smith's belongings, and instead smashed the front window of the Coperteen Road Dairy. A couple of witness going for a walk in the fog noticed the individuals getting into the window and grabbing an item, before getting in the shop window again, and then ran off.

One of the four said to police, "It wasn't a murder. We just didn't want anyone to know about it.".

They also admitted to planning more incidents around Gracepath, and had attacked the man who came forward to police last week. The same individual interviewed by police said it "was going to happen once". They are all now arrested and will appear in court in the coming days.

A happy ending to Gracepath and Greystone? Probably.

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