Monday, 13 July 2015

Gracepath Talk - Monday 13th July

Police had recovered new information about the dairy robbing in Gracepath last week, where it has been confirmed that a significant large amount of money was stolen by what would be a person, “who was told to do it”. The man who robbed a house in Maxwell Lane had confirmed to police that he did not intend to rob the house in the first place - he was told to.

The person responsible may have been between the ages of sixteen to twenty five.

The robbery took place between five o’clock and eight o’clock in the morning.

Hardly anyone comes out in the morning in cold conditions like these. Especially in cars. Traffic doesn’t come in until nine to ten o’clock in the morning, so the robbery was most certainly planned. This suggests the robber was not alone in the planning.

And, police have found even more shocking new ideas of what happened, but had forgotten about it, and the man was released with a warning, shocking residents.

"See? Told you. The police are naive." the same resident interviewed days before said.

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