Friday, 17 July 2015

Gracepath Talk - Friday 17th July

There has been a major breakthrough in the investigations behind Nicole Smith, whose body was found near the Damla River in Greystone, and the Coperteen Road Dairy robbery that occurred last Monday, resulting in a man robbing a house in Maxwell Road, who was told by people he vaguely knew (from an assault a couple of days ago).

So far, police are reaching out to the people behind the robbery to step forward if they have any kind of information that could mean vital in the investigation.

Overnight, a party that started out as “quite quiet” from residents, ended in a brawl caused by two individuals, prompted by suspicions, about a failed attempt of an exchange from the week before. No details of that particular incident were released.

Although, with this going on, police are still making the robbery their first priority. This has the neighbours and people related to the incident a bit concerned.

“They ought to fix this case, then move on to people they can actually seek.” says a relative of the victim, who was hit in the temple, laying in hospital. Police still believe that whoever is responsible for the robbing of the Coperteen Road Dairy, then they may have conducted many more incidents in the two suburbs.

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