Thursday, 16 July 2015

Don't Stop Me Now! 'Cause I'm Havin' A Good Time!

Hi, person reading this!

As of Thursday, the 16th of July... my 900th post! Huuuuuzzzaaahhh!!!!

I think this is the first time I reached a milestone in a school holiday. Wow!

I love these kinds of achievements! What a time it's been...a day in the life of a Year Nine, the bike track, Pink Shirt Day, that KidsCan Parade, recording a song! Parody, though. Many things can happen within 100 posts. And, to celebrate, knowing that I'm just one hundred posts away from one thousand, you know what...I like a bit of Queen...

Watch the video with caution and maturity. Or, logical sense. Because, the video has a word that is quite sensitive to some readers, but please, ignore it and bask! Into how I feel right now! Not the ecstasy part, no...

Don't stop me now, distractions!

One thousandth post, here I come!


Dorothy said...

Congratulations! I totally get the choice of song except for one thing.... what a shame the karaeoke YT chose to pause frame on that particular lyric.
You are leading the way in the Manaiakalani schools with your blogging expertise.
Mrs Burt

Lesa Komor said...

Woo Hoo! Your 900th post!
This is AMAZING!
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Looking forward to celebrating & reading what you write up for your 1000th post!

Petra Lawrence said...

Lelei tele Willie! You are a blogging machine!! I really admire your can do attitude and desire to share your life, learning, and laughter so regularly on your blog. Keep it up! At this rate your 1000th post will come in no time :-)

Ms Aireen said...

Malo lava Willy! You are definitely a STAR blogger at TPS. I really admire the critical thinking and humour you express in your blog posts.

Thank you for sharing your talent, learning and life experiences and for being an EXCELLENT role model for your peers. I look forward to the next lot of 1000 posts. Lelei tele!

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