Sunday, 19 July 2015

Church! And I Got A Haircut Yesterday!


Yesterday, I got a haircut...

Yeah, it's quite different to the other ones in the past. I think.

Today, so far was a great way to start off the last day of the holidays. I went to church! If you're wondering how that's such a big deal to me, I usually have to stay at home....for good reasons, not the bad ones. Involves my brother, but anyway, I went to this combine where a couple of churches come together for one big programme. My dad told me this would've been an opportunity for a post because a lot of people would be there.

He was right. There were a lot of people, I mean, A LOT, and now here I am, typing this down...

Me and my Mum were coming in and it seemed to have already started. I don't know if that sentence made any sense, but it already started, to my suspicion. It probably was-OH come on, let's get along with the story, Willy. Okay...

Songs were sung and the "congregation", a new word I heard a lot during the programme, meaning (from Google, just making it quick), a group of people assembled for religious worship. By the way, the band singing was from my church, OUR church, I should say, from Glen Innes. Later on, different bands would go up to sing their choice of song, praising our Saviour Jesus Christ and the Lord.

After the songs, we all prayed. Prayed really quietly for a while, with the background piano music. It was so spiritual-like.

Many things happened in the combine, and one of them was like a preaching from a special guest. It was an honour to have him preach, actually. He said some stuff about taking a step, and talked about the story of Obadiah and Elijah, who went up to Mount Carver, and Ahab, the master and king that Obadiah served, came with them, then some other occurrences happened, and God came out, fire coming from the sky...

At least that's how I think it went. I forgot, it's a blur in my head, but it was from the Bible, and he said we should all have Christ as our saviour, our protector, our carer. It was tense by then, I didn't know what to do. I was a youth, but I wasn't part of anything. So, I just sat still, watching on. And praising, of course.

Before you know it, after noon (aha! Get it?), it was finished, we all packed up, and went home. Some of us were having mini-conversations and pictures and stuff, that was normal. Me and my Mum dropped off someone at their home in Glen Innes, brought some lunch to eat, and that is about it.

Here we are, me typing this down. So far, a great day. I had some pictures of the programme but it's on my Mum's phone, it could take a while.

But yes, thank you for reading.

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Ms Aireen said...

Glad you are enjoying sabbath day with your family. Sounds like you hear an interesting sermon at church today. Reading your third to last paragraph reminded me of how I use to feel when I attended a Samoan church 7 years ago - church services can sometimes be long especially when they go over an hour.

By the way I like your new haircut - looks awesome! Look forward to more great adventures with you in Term 3!

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