Thursday, 16 July 2015

A-ha! Achievement!!!

Hi, there!

I may be a bit tired! But guess what?! I got this marvellous score on the Ten Fast Fingers website! Excuse the big use of exclamation marks! It's just feeling SOO GOOD!!

I was PERSEVERING TO GET AT LEAST OVER SIXTY WORDS (excuse the use of caps lock), and during the minute, I was just getting through the words almost swiftfully, because some of the words were a BIT rushed, and trying to type as much words as you can, can be a bit challenging if you're like me. Hands that keep getting cold on cold days, hands that are strangely bigger than you think.

Here is the extraordinary screenshot of my score I got.

The fact it says that I am better than 91.5% of all users, and that I am at the 12563th place out of 147751 people, is amazing!! I mean, yeah, that's a BIG number, and not really in the Top 100 list, but hey! I'm just a teenager, haha!

Also, I did it again, and though it was a word down...

It's still remarkable I am into the 50-70 words a minute part!

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