The Second Part of the Movenote About Signs of Sick...


Below is the second part of the Movenote about me, who, from a simple idea, talks about some of the couple (or many, I don't actually know) of symptoms that could be a signal, that I forgot to say in the Movenote, means that you are developing something, either a cold or the flu, it really matters on how bad it is. Really, the symptoms in the Movenote are the symptoms for both the cold and the flu, and were also the obvious ones...

Dang it.

But here you go, here's the first one...ohh, wait. It's a video, I just downloaded it...

But, it was made WITH Movenote!



  1. I admire your strength towards putting this Movenote presentation together despite the fact that you are sick. You have provided important tips on how to prevent sickness during the flu season in this presentation.

    I think this will be a great video to post on our class site as these tips will help remind your peers of ways to prevent sickness during Term 3. Let me know what you think :)


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