Friday, 12 June 2015

Xtra Maths! Triumph!


Today for half the middle block, the Year Eights-oh, I made Mehi get an answer wrong. Sorryy. Anyway, the Year Eights started on Xtra Maths, you may have seen some posts about this from last year, and it was SO HARD!! I have never struggled so HARD on MATHS!

But yes, today we did the starting of Xtra Maths. To make this shor-oh, Mehi told me to stop talking too much. MOVING ON, guess what I got during the "Race The Teacher" round??

17. Look below. I know, the picture below shows the applications on a Apple Mac, but closely, you can see-oh, I made William get something wrong. Okay, moving on, I got 17 answers.

And then I did another one. This time, without hesitation, I was panicking my way through the questions. Turns out, it worked. I only got one question wrong, but for the rest of the questions, I got them right!


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Shantai H said...

Hi Willy,
WOW! It is amazing how you have managed to get 77 if I tried I wouldn't get that much you must be a very smart person. I like how you decided to add in two picture and also put in a brief description on your blog post explaining what you did.

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