Sunday, 14 June 2015

Winter-like Events. Winter-like Meaning Unfortunate | The 2 Weekly Post (2 of 2) - Monday 8th June - Friday 12th

To start off, Monday was Teacher's Only Day.

Tuesday (wow I'm doing this again, haha). The Patrol Monitors and the Student Council had a talk about role duties and doing the Service for the School. Breakfast Club was also mentioned. Luckily, I had the perfect reason for not coming, I just didn't say it out loud. Monday's were not really school days for this week and last week. Wow. So saving.

I would've came late due to the sleep deprivation-like sleeping.

That's all I can remember from Tuesday. Onto Wednesday.

Oh, that's right. Wednesday, the 10th of June. The day I never knew would be significant. First of all, I was attending a presentation, representing my school. There were other ambassadors there, too. And we all did our own speech. I'll get a link to the post about it. Click here.

Then later on I was interviewed, along with Ma'asi and Stanley, about our learning, and the bike tracks. Click here for the full experience.

That was amazing, and great. Now back to the reality. Thursday. Technology. This time, Mrs Kelly takes over the Graphic Design Group for the session, because Ms Fepuleai was going along with the Year Sevens to Mt Rangitoto. Lucky. Anyway, during Technology, there was a big pile of leaves just sitting there, being raked up and stuff, and me, Tiere, TJ, and Sulaiman were thinking about jumping in there. It was so tempting to just...jump in there.

I did that last time.

But that's because me and Tiere were burying rotten mushrooms like a funeral, threw our money in there, took it back, and then jumped and laid in the bed of leaves.

That didn't happen this time. It smelled. Oh well.

Friday. I didn't know that the work I was working on with TJ was to be presented to the class. That was a surprise. At least we finished in time. At KiwiSport, someone had an accident. Twisted something. Ooh. For someone else, I guess, if you could put it in a way, was being mostly everyone. Wow, I could not believe Winter is being like this. Oh, by the way, I had trouble every single night because of the cold temperatures. Dang it, Winter.

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