Thursday, 11 June 2015

What A Day It Was!

Hi, there!

Just yesterday (Wednesday) morning, I had went over to the Old Tamaki Intermediate. Or, the New Sommerville Building Area. It was next to the school, nevermind. I went to the place that is next to the school, just with Sommerville.

Ugh, let me get to the point, I'm not going to explain the building that is next to Tamaki Primary and was Tamaki Intermediate until 2011 or 2012. I went there to...and I don't want to make this exaggerated, but I was an ambassador, for the school! For the school, yeah! It was a Manaiakalani Ambassadors Presentation thing, and ambassadors from each of the schools involved in Manaiakalani (well, at least MOST of them, some were apparently not there) were to present a presentation about the topic, "Learn, Create, Share". I, for one, was new to speaking infront of people who I hardly knew. Oh, there were visitors that were going to listen.

Probably 40-50 visitors were there.

I came with Miss Kyla, with a big of advice from Ms Aireen, about being confident and imagining the visitors as the junior syndicate. THAT WAS SOO HELPFUL LATER ON. But anyway, Miss Kyla and I walked to the building that was Tamaki Intermediate. Mehi, out of the corner of my eye, bursts out saying, "Good luck, Willyyyy!!!!". Yes, she dragged on the "ly" part of my name. Haha. I felt pretty confident. We went into the reception place thingy. These were the words I heard exactly, by the way. I don't know why I remember this, but here it goes...

Miss Kyla signing book
Miss Kyla: Hi...
Office Lady: What?
Miss Kyla (a bit louder): Hi.
Office Lady is actually talking with another person...
Miss Kyla (moving back to me): Ne-vermind.

In my mind I was laughing too loudly, but outside I was like this -> ...oh...

Sam comes nearby (not really gonna give out a detail), and he comes with me and Miss Kyla to go up the stairs. Ooh, the confidence is breaking. We walk a little bit and go into a little room, then find out it's the wrong room. Ooh, the confidence is building up. Haha, this sounds a bit confusing, I know. But at least I didn't go in the room that time. It was a few seconds later.

The door opens, I see a group of colourful students, just sitting down, and one of them seems to be practising a bit. I sit down. Another student goes up and practises a bit. I learn that we just press the down arrow. That's it. And there's words on Mrs Burt's laptop incase we FORGET, as Miss Kyla told me. And to speak slowly, too. I get it, I am pretty rapid on speaking when nervous. When nervous.

You'll never guess who went up next. Me. I just sat down! Haha! I went to do my speech and got some feedback from Miss Kyla for a little while. She had told me to slow down in my speaking and dialogue. I get it, I do speak fast. I don't know why, let alone don't know if that's normal or not. And I forgot some stuff, too. I think I did. Oh well, what I stuff up, I build up. There, that's short.

And before you know it, the visitors were coming in. Sitting down, filling each row. Wow, this was going to be interesting. As said before, I've never done a speech, nor a presentation, in front of 40-50 people I don't know. Then, each student went to do their speech. They were EXTREMELY informative about their views on Learn, Create, Share. Expression was being used so much...

Then, onto me. The moment I've not savoured ever since the offer was given to me. I don't have the video yet, and I don't remember much of the extra parts I said, but here, I present to you, a bit of the speech, in my view:

(talking about the first slide, showing me smiling and doing a pose) "Whooa! Who is that guy?!"
(when moving onto the sharing part) "...quite a well known blogger in our community. I didn't know about that...*visitors laugh a little* don't wanna brag *more laughter*..."
(pointing at the D.L.O I created....with someone) "Oh, and this is the D.L.O I did with someone...yeah, the thinking over there...yeah.............yeah, uhh, so, movi..."

Clapping and applause ended my speech, then there were some more speeches said. Ending briefly, we all exited the classroom/room, and casually, as casual as we can be, we went. I went back to school, completely alone and, would you believe it (AGAIN), all by myself!

So, yeah, that was my morning. And to update, today (Thursday), I was told by Miss Kyla that Sam, who had reckoned to stay by, listened in as people were apparently talking about the "confident, humorous, funny, boy". She knew it was me, I was walking around, and looking at the audience IN THE EYE. Not being threatening-like, but it's true.

I'll talk about another event that happened to me later on.

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Ms Aireen said...

Well done Willy - I always admire your confidence and your intelligence, especially the way you express your critical views and thinking about different topics discussed during learning time and on your blog . I heard great feedback from Miss Kyla. I am so proud of you and I'm sure the audience were very inspired by your speech. Malo lava Willy!

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