Sunday, 14 June 2015

What A Day It Was! 2!

So, the previous with the title What A Day It Was! talked about my speech over at the building near Sommerville (which used to be Tamaki Intermediate). Now on this post, I will tell you what happened when visitors, a film crew, came to our school to film. And interview. I was one of the interviewees.

The three-man crew were in the classroom filming parts of the spectacular learning that took place at the same time. Some people weren't so keen on being filmed, but so be it. We all acted, "natural". Well, natural as in...

Looking at the camera directly and smiling. At least, that was Stanley.

It was later in the afternoon where for the whole block, me, Ma'asi, and who would you know it, Stanley, were going to be interviewed in sort of a "joint discussion". The three of us were going to be interviewed at the same time. Specifically, in the video to be posted soon, it would show the three of us sitting at a table, and then the interviewer, forgot his name (apologies), asked us questions individually, like a discussion.

Wow, it was hard. The questions were surprisingly so much to take in, and that, that light was bright. Haha. To this day, I still can't believe Ma'asi never noticed that, the way how the light makes your eye pupils dilate, and then you see those colour thingies would appear in your vision. Still, after the long and not-that-tiring but interesting interview of questions, we moved on to the bike track.

I, apparently, out of the three of us, was the expert. Oh, yeeah. Like I'm a good rider on the track, so to speak. Oh, remember, when I say I'm a good rider, I really am not. Okay, moving on, I had this wire on me, that went into my polo shirt, and to this little radio-like thing that could fit in my pocket, and it was a microphone sort of thing, that little black thing that people have on themselves in the news, I think. It's that black little microphone thing. I don't know. I don't remember.

I was to talk about the bike track. Simple. That's simple. Not. Ma'asi was going on about fitness and health, and though it was getting a BIIIIIIT up my nose, I still coped with the constant saying "Fitness and and and health...". I mean, I don't want to be harsh or anything, but GOSH! Haha, it was funny, but man, trying to get that out of your head while also talking about something proves troublesome to me.

Oh, and this silver circle was there to, to help with the lighting. Get it? The sun, the silver circle, reflection. Ah, you'll get it in a while. To be frank, I felt like some sort of news reporter, talking to the camera. Well, I was talking to the interviewer, who was behind the camera. Pretty smart, right?

I was struggling with the words coming out of my mouth. Not making it direct, but it's true. I kept GETTING DISTRACTED, from a CERTAIN SOMEONE, who I may have MENTION EARLIER IN THIS POST. I'm not yelling, I'm doing that thing I always do, which is MAKING THINGS OBVIOUS. But anyway, the cameramen and interviewer gave me a tip: talk to the camera like I'm talking with my mates. And so, acting as informal as I can, I get it right, and the interviewer comes towards me, and we shake hands. It was like, I did something really great, or something.

But I guess Ma'asi and Stanley didn't get it. Ma'asi was still saying "Health and Fitness" for a while. Oh, and if you did get to read this part of the post, I will say this to you now: Ma'asi is a director. Ma'asi is a director. If you ever get to meet her in person, say this: Ma'asi is a director. Because if you didn't realise, she was clearly directing what I was gonna say the whole time of the bike track interview.

Going back to class after the interviews, I got sneaky while Ma'asi was talking about the interviews, and lip synced to her words. Ms Aireen was watching the lip-syncing masterpiece. If you didn't know, lip syncing is this thing where you move your mouth to the sound of something, music, or someone talking. So, for example, if a song was on, I would "sing" to it, moving my lips to the words and singing, but I don't say anything at all.

That's what I did to Ma'asi. Lip synced to her words. "Health and fitness, health and fitness. Oh, it was good, just Willy didn't say that!" I lip synced that almost perfectly. Ms Aireen laughs out loud.

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