Sunday, 28 June 2015

That Maths Car Race Game That Uses Multiplication As Gas

So, today I decided to do some practising of my times tables. Well, not the basic ones, like the two times tables, the five times tables, and the ten times tables, but the other ones, besides the one times tables. I went back to the ol' Arcademic Skill Builder website thing, chose a game with the word "multiplication" in it, and played it. This is one of the games, in which I forgot. But, the reason for that is because, I was picking random games.

This game, in particular, had the objective of answering as many multiplication facts as possible, and the more you answer, the faster you go, giving you a chance to come first in your race! And what a luck, after a couple of tries, I came first in the last one! Yippee!

Now, this won't be much of a big screenshot, but that is because the other person that I was competing with had an inappropriate name.

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