Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Percy Jackson - Movie Evaluation - Remember! Do you remember....


Willy here. I know I don't need to introduce myself but I just ran in the rain and it felt good, okay, so don't bother the intro. This link below this description will take you to the first task of many for our Movie Evaluation for the recent movie everyone watched: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt Thief. Bah, I don't know the actual title, and I've watched this movie many times! Haha!

But anyway, the link. Like the Hercules Question Movie Task (forgot sequence of words), me and another person had to answer the questions related to the movie. This is the Remember task. Yes, the Movie Evaluation is based on the Bloom's Taxonomy.

The questions on the document were filled out by me and Stanley. No, no. Nevermind. STANLEY did literally everything, and only needed my help for the spelling. Because we were rushing. And I was getting ready for a test. Re-test, test, I don't know. I was doing four questions that I got incorrect.

OKAY, the link! Haha, I'm procrastinating a lot right now. The link's below....uhh, we were learning to remember what happened in the movie to answer questions related to the movie....uh...yes. That's it.

Click here for the document we worked on.

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