Sunday, 28 June 2015

Times Tables Tractor Tug! 'Twas Terrific! Thanks!

Now here's another post about maths practise. With multiplication as the main subject. The pictures you will see below show my victorious break through in another game, in which I played with another player playing a tug-of-war. With tractors...

I was practising my multiplication and recalling them quickly so I would win. AND be able to answer the most questions between me and the other player, who was good at striving for themselves after I went to do something (haha).

Don't look at the tabs, please.

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Lesa Komor said...

Great use of onomatopoeia in your title Willy!
Also, I am pleased to see that you are practising your multiplication facts apart from when we are practising them in class.
Continue to challenge yourself by trying to see how high you are able to go or by seeing if you can beat your previous score!

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