Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Blog Commenting! It's Been A While!

This presentation above shows me going onto different people's blogs, READING at least one or two of their posts, and commenting! It's been a while since I could blog comment, and then put it into a presentation. Or do the task "Blog Commenting" for a while. I hope you enjoy reading the feedback and not-so-much feedforward I gave. Not-so-much feedforward because the posts I went on were GREAT!!


Dave Winter said...

Hey Willy thought I would comment on your comments ;-) . I liked the way you have a screen shot which gives me a view of how long a comment might be. The way you show if you are EXCITED using capitals and !!!!! helped me think about my comments. Keep it humming.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Krausse said...

Hi Willy,

Great to see your presentation. I am learning about blogging and commenting on others blogs! Thanks for sharing what you have done so clearly and succintly.
Mrs Krausse

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