National KidsCan Mufti Day!! Well, Tamaki Primary's KidsCan Parade...Awesome...


My day at school was pretty...pretty...AWESOME to sum it up!

For us, we had our Thank You KidsCan Parade. We had it today, because our school pictures were going to be taken on the actual day. And here at Tamaki Primary, it would be a bit peculiar having most students with mufti on...

Moving on, it was such a blast. The Year Eights were in the hall for the whole day, the Year Sevens were back in the classroom, Whaea Petra was here! Yay! And Ms Aireen was planning some stuff I didn't know. I did some things too, like start on a NEW poster, since the previous one was lost, for some reason. Wednesdays and posters don't make a good recipe for success.

ANYWAY, that was morning. After morning tea, though, it was going to be the start of something that might be called awesome. Everyone was helping out, doing something. I take off my jacket and go to my bag, which I left upstairs, in my locker. It took a while. Back down, everything was making process. The band were almost set up, everyone was settling down, sitting down on those long, wooden, benches, chairs, I don't know what it was called, but we called it a chair.

Moving to the good parts, after getting ready, all the classes were settling down in their places. Then it starts.

Me and Ma'asi (we were the hosts!) say our parts, talk about the parade competition, and we call out the classes one by one, with the help of Ms Aireen, of course. I kept on procrastinating with the camera in my hand. Dang it, my goal of not procrastinating is not going to plan. I need to stop doing that.

Mehi, Deandra, Patosina, Lauren, and myself, and some other people, I just forgot, sorry, were filming the event. They were on different parts of the bike track, By the way, the parade was going to happen around the bike track, so everyone would go around the bike track.

It was awesome. The music was blaring, me and Ma'asi were commenting on everyone going through. I was making some puns, I think it was. It was surely a spur of the moment for those jokes. And it was quite...logical that I was told to say "We can't hear you!!". Because really, I couldn't, I mean, the length and distance between me and the people from all the way near the boundary between Tamaki Primary and Sommerville is hard to hear clearly with. Word...

Everyone sits back down, and the parade celebration of KidsCan is almost at and end. The band perform, and everyone gets in the spirit of positivity, thanking, holding their "Thank You KidsCan" signs up high, going on people's shoulders and doing anything it takes to get into camera view. It was amazing. The band were playing loud and proud, as always, as many of the junior syndicate, and the middle syndicate (I don't know the actual name, sorry), dancing at the front.

Then comes the senior sundicate. It was going hard out at the final song. Then, to cut things short, it ended. Aww. That meant that everyone would have to go back to class. And here was the weirdest part: they were actually feeling sadder than usual at the end of an event. They were chanting: One more song! One more song! One more song!

I say: Wait. Guess what...wait....wait....wait, wait.....

They keep chanting with pride.

Then Ms Aireen went: You're going back to class, that's what...

It was funny, everyone was still going back to class. I was laughing hard my head, I just showed a giggle into the microphone. Everyone goes back to class, besides the Year Eights. They were to do the special job of packing up the area. Tarpaulins, chairs, the stage, the band equipment, they were being a BIG help.

WOW, that was a miracle. Hehe. And tomorrow is School Picture Day. Prepare to enter a world in which one day mostly everyone is all, we're in mufti! MUFTI! NO UNIFORM! to the next day where everyone could probably be oh, is this alright? my shirt's not that yellow for the picture...


  1. It was an awesome day Willi!
    I was happy to be a part of it! :)


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