Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Past Simple, AND Past Revision! Two Tasks In The Same Presentation!

Here is a presentation that thankfully TJ and Stanley let me work with them on that shows you our understanding of past tense words. We did two sheets, one was the first one and the second one is the...well, I forgot, because I didn't have access to the second (I think it was second) task last week.

We were learning, as said in the first slide, to edit and write sentences that are written in the past tense.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Times Tables Tractor Tug! 'Twas Terrific! Thanks!

Now here's another post about maths practise. With multiplication as the main subject. The pictures you will see below show my victorious break through in another game, in which I played with another player playing a tug-of-war. With tractors...

I was practising my multiplication and recalling them quickly so I would win. AND be able to answer the most questions between me and the other player, who was good at striving for themselves after I went to do something (haha).

Don't look at the tabs, please.

That Maths Car Race Game That Uses Multiplication As Gas

So, today I decided to do some practising of my times tables. Well, not the basic ones, like the two times tables, the five times tables, and the ten times tables, but the other ones, besides the one times tables. I went back to the ol' Arcademic Skill Builder website thing, chose a game with the word "multiplication" in it, and played it. This is one of the games, in which I forgot. But, the reason for that is because, I was picking random games.

This game, in particular, had the objective of answering as many multiplication facts as possible, and the more you answer, the faster you go, giving you a chance to come first in your race! And what a luck, after a couple of tries, I came first in the last one! Yippee!

Now, this won't be much of a big screenshot, but that is because the other person that I was competing with had an inappropriate name.

T.P.S KidsCan Parade Presentation!!

The presentation above is about my personal thoughts about the KidsCan Parade (that occurred on Thursday due to school pictures on Friday). I was learning to use the Five Senses (Smell, Taste, Feel/Touch, Hear, and Sight) to describe this partiular, and aweseome, event.

Thank You KidsCan, by the way.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

KidsCan Poster/Notice For KidsCan Parade

Hi. This is the poster that the Student Council used to promote the KidsCan Parade that was held, at Tamaki Primary! This poster was put almost all around the school - due to limited time and a LOT of arguing between the student councillors involved, and mostly everyone, according to many discussion, actually read it.

Enjoy reading the details on the poster/notice. It tells my earlier post about the parade in short. Enjoy.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Past Simple! Grammarnastics Task

Here is a task from Grammarnastics in which at the beginning I did not know what to do, but ended up with realising the idea of this part of the tasks. It was to manage irregular and regular past tense words. Irregular past tense words are words that can be changed with different letters to make it into past tense, whereas regular past tense words are words that use "-ed" at the end to make it a past tense word.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

National KidsCan Mufti Day!! Well, Tamaki Primary's KidsCan Parade...Awesome...


My day at school was pretty...pretty...AWESOME to sum it up!

For us, we had our Thank You KidsCan Parade. We had it today, because our school pictures were going to be taken on the actual day. And here at Tamaki Primary, it would be a bit peculiar having most students with mufti on...

Moving on, it was such a blast. The Year Eights were in the hall for the whole day, the Year Sevens were back in the classroom, Whaea Petra was here! Yay! And Ms Aireen was planning some stuff I didn't know. I did some things too, like start on a NEW poster, since the previous one was lost, for some reason. Wednesdays and posters don't make a good recipe for success.

ANYWAY, that was morning. After morning tea, though, it was going to be the start of something that might be called awesome. Everyone was helping out, doing something. I take off my jacket and go to my bag, which I left upstairs, in my locker. It took a while. Back down, everything was making process. The band were almost set up, everyone was settling down, sitting down on those long, wooden, benches, chairs, I don't know what it was called, but we called it a chair.

Moving to the good parts, after getting ready, all the classes were settling down in their places. Then it starts.

Me and Ma'asi (we were the hosts!) say our parts, talk about the parade competition, and we call out the classes one by one, with the help of Ms Aireen, of course. I kept on procrastinating with the camera in my hand. Dang it, my goal of not procrastinating is not going to plan. I need to stop doing that.

Mehi, Deandra, Patosina, Lauren, and myself, and some other people, I just forgot, sorry, were filming the event. They were on different parts of the bike track, By the way, the parade was going to happen around the bike track, so everyone would go around the bike track.

It was awesome. The music was blaring, me and Ma'asi were commenting on everyone going through. I was making some puns, I think it was. It was surely a spur of the moment for those jokes. And it was quite...logical that I was told to say "We can't hear you!!". Because really, I couldn't, I mean, the length and distance between me and the people from all the way near the boundary between Tamaki Primary and Sommerville is hard to hear clearly with. Word...

Everyone sits back down, and the parade celebration of KidsCan is almost at and end. The band perform, and everyone gets in the spirit of positivity, thanking, holding their "Thank You KidsCan" signs up high, going on people's shoulders and doing anything it takes to get into camera view. It was amazing. The band were playing loud and proud, as always, as many of the junior syndicate, and the middle syndicate (I don't know the actual name, sorry), dancing at the front.

Then comes the senior sundicate. It was going hard out at the final song. Then, to cut things short, it ended. Aww. That meant that everyone would have to go back to class. And here was the weirdest part: they were actually feeling sadder than usual at the end of an event. They were chanting: One more song! One more song! One more song!

I say: Wait. Guess what...wait....wait....wait, wait.....

They keep chanting with pride.

Then Ms Aireen went: You're going back to class, that's what...

It was funny, everyone was still going back to class. I was laughing hard out...in my head, I just showed a giggle into the microphone. Everyone goes back to class, besides the Year Eights. They were to do the special job of packing up the area. Tarpaulins, chairs, the stage, the band equipment, they were being a BIG help.

WOW, that was a miracle. Hehe. And tomorrow is School Picture Day. Prepare to enter a world in which one day mostly everyone is all, we're in mufti! MUFTI! NO UNIFORM! to the next day where everyone could probably be oh, is this alright? my shirt's not that yellow for the picture...

Riddle Me Wednesday! Or Late...

Hi again,

To another LATE version of Riddle Me Wednesday. To cut this post short, here was last week's riddle...

What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Now, one person, who was Mrs Burt, had a try on this riddle four days after the post was...posted. To save your time finding the comment, here it is...

And to be fair, she did get the answer right. I mean, for an answer to be an answer, it HAS to have at least one proper key word in it. Great answer, Mrs Burt!

So the answer was: Lunch, and dinner!

Now, for this week's riddle...

What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night? If you want to give a guess, don't hesitate to comment below! Just...just below...there, the thing that says "comments" after the number...just think about the question/riddle, try thinking outside the box, maybe.

Until next time!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Personal Goals for Matariki (Maori New Year)

Oh, finally. A week since blogging. It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyway, the drawing above shows my goals for Matariki, the Maori New Year. I thought long and hard about the goals, and now, have started making a bit of progress. Well, besides the third one. I mean, I have no netbook...

Nevermind, I should not talk about that. Anyway, it took a while, and here it is. I was supposed to blog this last week, but I was confused, and didn't blog it. My bad. And apologies for not blogging lately, I'll try my best to get back to the spirit of blogging at least every second day for the situation I'm in now...

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Riddle Me Wednesday!!

Hi, there!!

Welcome to another one of Riddle Me Wednesdays! It's such a great time to showcase the different part of me, because I love riddles. It is just SO challenging trying to think outside the box. Then when I get it wrong...uh...

Moving on from that little stuff-up, here is last week's riddle that I gave out to you...

What do you call an elephant in a phone booth?

Now this sounds like a bad joke. It kind of is. But like an anti-joke. Here's the answer:


If you got that correct - then you know your way around logic and things all rational, like an elephant in a phone booth. It's stuck, that's the answer.

This week's riddle:

What two things can you never eat for breakfast? The clue here is it is breakfast...in the morning...then continue to get your answer. If that sounded confusing, then that's a good sign I made the clue hard to be an obvious one.

If you know the answer, comment below! You never know, you might be right!!

Vocabular Tasks! Term Two, Week Nine...

Hi everyone, I'm in a race to blog with Mehi here. Anyway, this is the vocabulary tasks presentation that Mehi and I did (she did most of it and then asked me to join after I couldn't access it for some reason). It was fun trying to figure out the tasks! Especially if they were still on the "Heroes" topic!

How Tiger Got His Stripes - By Willy, William, and Boisi - Tuakana Teina Activity

For the whole day today, the Year Eights of Kia Manawanui did Tuakana Teina with their Tuakana Teina class, Room One. 

For one of the tasks, it was to pick a story (most likely a story/video that our buddy would choose, but because Boisi didn't like either of them, me and William chose one) and then record our buddy's feedback. 

Luckily, Boisi knew the story, though he didn't enjoy it fully. So here it is, the finished presentation about our story that most of us chose, How Tiger Got His Stripes!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Introducing Myself - In Sign! Watch the Movenote of Many Mistakes...

Hi. This is a Sign Language Movenote that I did just now, because I couldn't before since my netbook broke for some sort of reason. The Movenote shows me trying to show my introduction of my name. As always, it turns out as a long, mistake-filled Movenote that shows the wrong slides.

Here's the introduction:

Kia Ora. My name is W-I-L-L-Y. Enjoy watching me look oblivious to the non-responsive slides (it was because I didn't click the arrow) at night, tired. The signs shown might not be the correct signs, by the way. It has been a while since I had done some sign language.

Blog Commenting! It's Been A While!

This presentation above shows me going onto different people's blogs, READING at least one or two of their posts, and commenting! It's been a while since I could blog comment, and then put it into a presentation. Or do the task "Blog Commenting" for a while. I hope you enjoy reading the feedback and not-so-much feedforward I gave. Not-so-much feedforward because the posts I went on were GREAT!!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Winter-like Events. Winter-like Meaning Unfortunate | The 2 Weekly Post (2 of 2) - Monday 8th June - Friday 12th

To start off, Monday was Teacher's Only Day.

Tuesday (wow I'm doing this again, haha). The Patrol Monitors and the Student Council had a talk about role duties and doing the Service for the School. Breakfast Club was also mentioned. Luckily, I had the perfect reason for not coming, I just didn't say it out loud. Monday's were not really school days for this week and last week. Wow. So saving.

I would've came late due to the sleep deprivation-like sleeping.

That's all I can remember from Tuesday. Onto Wednesday.

Oh, that's right. Wednesday, the 10th of June. The day I never knew would be significant. First of all, I was attending a presentation, representing my school. There were other ambassadors there, too. And we all did our own speech. I'll get a link to the post about it. Click here.

Then later on I was interviewed, along with Ma'asi and Stanley, about our learning, and the bike tracks. Click here for the full experience.

That was amazing, and great. Now back to the reality. Thursday. Technology. This time, Mrs Kelly takes over the Graphic Design Group for the session, because Ms Fepuleai was going along with the Year Sevens to Mt Rangitoto. Lucky. Anyway, during Technology, there was a big pile of leaves just sitting there, being raked up and stuff, and me, Tiere, TJ, and Sulaiman were thinking about jumping in there. It was so tempting to just...jump in there.

I did that last time.

But that's because me and Tiere were burying rotten mushrooms like a funeral, threw our money in there, took it back, and then jumped and laid in the bed of leaves.

That didn't happen this time. It smelled. Oh well.

Friday. I didn't know that the work I was working on with TJ was to be presented to the class. That was a surprise. At least we finished in time. At KiwiSport, someone had an accident. Twisted something. Ooh. For someone else, I guess, if you could put it in a way, was being slightly...harsh...to mostly everyone. Wow, I could not believe Winter is being like this. Oh, by the way, I had trouble every single night because of the cold temperatures. Dang it, Winter.

What A Day It Was! 2!

So, the previous with the title What A Day It Was! talked about my speech over at the building near Sommerville (which used to be Tamaki Intermediate). Now on this post, I will tell you what happened when visitors, a film crew, came to our school to film. And interview. I was one of the interviewees.

The three-man crew were in the classroom filming parts of the spectacular learning that took place at the same time. Some people weren't so keen on being filmed, but so be it. We all acted, "natural". Well, natural as in...

Looking at the camera directly and smiling. At least, that was Stanley.

It was later in the afternoon where for the whole block, me, Ma'asi, and who would you know it, Stanley, were going to be interviewed in sort of a "joint discussion". The three of us were going to be interviewed at the same time. Specifically, in the video to be posted soon, it would show the three of us sitting at a table, and then the interviewer, forgot his name (apologies), asked us questions individually, like a discussion.

Wow, it was hard. The questions were surprisingly so much to take in, and that light...wow, that light was bright. Haha. To this day, I still can't believe Ma'asi never noticed that, the way how the light makes your eye pupils dilate, and then you see those colour thingies would appear in your vision. Still, after the long and not-that-tiring but interesting interview of questions, we moved on to the bike track.

I, apparently, out of the three of us, was the expert. Oh, yeeah. Like I'm a good rider on the track, so to speak. Oh, remember, when I say I'm a good rider, I really am not. Okay, moving on, I had this wire on me, that went into my polo shirt, and to this little radio-like thing that could fit in my pocket, and it was a microphone sort of thing, that little black thing that people have on themselves in the news, I think. It's that black little microphone thing. I don't know. I don't remember.

I was to talk about the bike track. Simple. That's simple. Not. Ma'asi was going on about fitness and health, and though it was getting a BIIIIIIT up my nose, I still coped with the constant saying "Fitness and health....fitness and health...fitness and health...". I mean, I don't want to be harsh or anything, but GOSH! Haha, it was funny, but man, trying to get that out of your head while also talking about something proves troublesome to me.

Oh, and this silver circle was there to, to help with the lighting. Get it? The sun, the silver circle, reflection. Ah, you'll get it in a while. To be frank, I felt like some sort of news reporter, talking to the camera. Well, I was talking to the interviewer, who was behind the camera. Pretty smart, right?

I was struggling with the words coming out of my mouth. Not making it direct, but it's true. I kept GETTING DISTRACTED, from a CERTAIN SOMEONE, who I may have MENTION EARLIER IN THIS POST. I'm not yelling, I'm doing that thing I always do, which is MAKING THINGS OBVIOUS. But anyway, the cameramen and interviewer gave me a tip: talk to the camera like I'm talking with my mates. And so, acting as informal as I can, I get it right, and the interviewer comes towards me, and we shake hands. It was like, I did something really great, or something.

But I guess Ma'asi and Stanley didn't get it. Ma'asi was still saying "Health and Fitness" for a while. Oh, and if you did get to read this part of the post, I will say this to you now: Ma'asi is a director. Ma'asi is a director. If you ever get to meet her in person, say this: Ma'asi is a director. Because if you didn't realise, she was clearly directing what I was gonna say the whole time of the bike track interview.

Going back to class after the interviews, I got sneaky while Ma'asi was talking about the interviews, and lip synced to her words. Ms Aireen was watching the lip-syncing masterpiece. If you didn't know, lip syncing is this thing where you move your mouth to the sound of something, music, or someone talking. So, for example, if a song was on, I would "sing" to it, moving my lips to the words and singing, but I don't say anything at all.

That's what I did to Ma'asi. Lip synced to her words. "Health and fitness, health and fitness. Oh, it was good, just Willy didn't say that!" I lip synced that almost perfectly. Ms Aireen laughs out loud.

My Manaiakalani "Learn, Create, Share" Speech

Here's the actual speech that I used (mostly, and added some jokes in but that was improvised) to present on the Manaiakalani Ambassadors Meeting on Wednesday.

Talofa Lava, my name is Willy and I am a Year Eight Student. I attend Tamaki Primary School which is a full primary school located in Alamein Road.

Our inquiry topic this term has been Myths and Legends.  I’ve learnt quite a lot, actually, mostly about stories, in which I would say would be easily categorised into a Myth and Legend.

What I learned first was the differences between a myth and a legend.  A myth is a story passed down from generation to generation that might be hard to believe but, carries key messages about people and cultures.  A legend, however, is a story that is also passed down from generation to generation, about a true figure or event, but has been largely exaggerated.  For example, Robin Hood was a true person, but he probably didn’t kill 100 men with one arrow.

Now, for the Myths and Legends task, I could tell you that my teacher had sent the whole class a template, and then we made a copy of it. That’s how it usually goes. But luckily, thanks to the power of the acronym “D.L.O” and the purpose of it, it means Digital Learning Object by the way, we students at Tamaki Primary, and possibly every other school nearby, create our own piece of work to show our understanding, and we use these Google tools, because we have Google Accounts, if you didn’t know, like presentations, documents, drawings, we use those to create our tasks provided.

And not only that, we also use other learning tools to show our understanding of the learning, like this application called Padlet, where you can place all your ideas around the main subject and stuff, and there’s other applications we use, but mostly we use the Google tools.

For the task, I created a drawing, similar to the original template, but it changed a bit. This was it (slide). Thinking over there, throughout the drawing, you can see the differences of the myth and the legend.

Okay, so I’ve talked about the learning part of this, the create, which was this result, now I move onto the sharing part. Of course, those people that know me know that I am a passionate blogger and that I would’ve blogged this D.L.O. I’m quite a well-known blogger in our community, as some people would say. 

I didn’t know about that. But my blog! (slide) This is one of the ways we share our thinking, and learning. And our DLOs. Sometimes, I get feedback from people who read my blog, friends from school, classmates from school, my parents sometimes and sometimes people from around our community.  

When this happens, I feel overjoyed and overwhelmed at the fact that people would take time to read about my life.  Besides having fun creating for my blog, I would say that sharing it with others is the time I feel the most free - I feel open to others and to express myself to others.

Fa'afetai lava mo le fa'alogo mai i la'u fa'asoa! Thank you for listening to my presentation!

Get Hyped Up! For Work... | The 2 Weekly Post (1 of 2) - Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June

Hi. Welcome to the 2 Weekly Post. Apologies for not doing one two weeks ago (probably). It was just for the sake of blogging work. Moving on, it all started, on the first of June...

It was the Queen's Birthday. Public Holiday, I know it wasn't her actual birthday...

Tuesday now (hehe), and it was back to school. I sort of realise that I had not done ANY of the Samoan Language Tasks. Thanks to one person that had me to stay with him to help him blog work he did finish, but didn't blog. I couldn't back myself out of it, I mean, I wouldn't say "no" to someone who needs to blog!

I wish I could so I can finish work. Sadly, I didn't have ANYONE to work with. Besides Sulaiman, but his internet was not good. At. All. I would say this would be a bad start to the week. AND it was on a Tuesday, so wow, how lucky. But moving on, some scandal was in the works in class. Can't really say what it was EXACTLY, but here's, uhh, some keywords, for you to, uhh, decode, if I can say...

It's in code, anyway, soo...yeah, it's in code...


There you go. Get someone who's an expert on personal problems and code cracking, and you'll get what I mean in the long run. There. Wednesday. It was a week from the presentation I was going to present the next week (this week). Also, this was a week since the accidental identity fault accident that Stanley did, supposedly sending false emails to two people. And I thought it was a joke later on. Luckily, nothing bad happened...me and Stanley were completing tasks for Percy Jackson. And blogging them later on.

Thursday. This was a casual day, Technology in the works (get it???). My group for the design group, were again, procrastinating a bit, and since my netbook was not here, we were not getting anything finished. Instead, again, music was the main problem. It's not a big deal, so to speak, it's the fact that the so-called "controversy" through the music keeps getting people worked up.

Luckily, some people had earphones, and were not having problems whatsoever. I hoped it would not get any more guilty-like. Then, I found out I was in the group with hardly ANYTHING on their plans. Gosh, dang it. Sorry, I know I can't really say that on a blog, but it blurts out. Dang.

Friday. The day I soon remembered for a long period of time. The day of the final cut of recording my song, which, I can say for myself, will be used in a video. There, you figure out the rest. I don't want to ruin the secret, though it's already being revealed already. But moving on, I was recording the song with a couple of other people (who were backup singers), and man, wasn't it a blast!

And then we helped with these two kind gentlemen with some Cook Island instruments! And that was cool!

I wondered what the recording of the Cook Island music will be used for....

Friday, 12 June 2015

Maui (from How Maui Caught the Sun) - Task

This drawing shows a task that me and TJ did. This task was to describe a character in a chosen myth we have chosen. Our myth was How Maui Caught the Sun. By the way, THIS DESCRIPTION HAS TAKEN ME THIRTY MINUTES TO WRITE. So please excuse this, but do read the work, please.

Thank you.

Xtra Maths! Triumph!


Today for half the middle block, the Year Eights-oh, I made Mehi get an answer wrong. Sorryy. Anyway, the Year Eights started on Xtra Maths, you may have seen some posts about this from last year, and it was SO HARD!! I have never struggled so HARD on MATHS!

But yes, today we did the starting of Xtra Maths. To make this shor-oh, Mehi told me to stop talking too much. MOVING ON, guess what I got during the "Race The Teacher" round??

17. Look below. I know, the picture below shows the applications on a Apple Mac, but closely, you can see-oh, I made William get something wrong. Okay, moving on, I got 17 answers.

And then I did another one. This time, without hesitation, I was panicking my way through the questions. Turns out, it worked. I only got one question wrong, but for the rest of the questions, I got them right!


Thursday, 11 June 2015

What A Day It Was!

Hi, there!

Just yesterday (Wednesday) morning, I had went over to the Old Tamaki Intermediate. Or, the New Sommerville Building Area. It was next to the school, nevermind. I went to the place that is next to the school, just with Sommerville.

Ugh, let me get to the point, I'm not going to explain the building that is next to Tamaki Primary and was Tamaki Intermediate until 2011 or 2012. I went there to...and I don't want to make this exaggerated, but I was an ambassador, for the school! For the school, yeah! It was a Manaiakalani Ambassadors Presentation thing, and ambassadors from each of the schools involved in Manaiakalani (well, at least MOST of them, some were apparently not there) were to present a presentation about the topic, "Learn, Create, Share". I, for one, was new to speaking infront of people who I hardly knew. Oh, there were visitors that were going to listen.

Probably 40-50 visitors were there.

I came with Miss Kyla, with a big of advice from Ms Aireen, about being confident and imagining the visitors as the junior syndicate. THAT WAS SOO HELPFUL LATER ON. But anyway, Miss Kyla and I walked to the building that was Tamaki Intermediate. Mehi, out of the corner of my eye, bursts out saying, "Good luck, Willyyyy!!!!". Yes, she dragged on the "ly" part of my name. Haha. I felt pretty confident. We went into the reception place thingy. These were the words I heard exactly, by the way. I don't know why I remember this, but here it goes...

Miss Kyla signing book
Miss Kyla: Hi...
Office Lady: What?
Miss Kyla (a bit louder): Hi.
Office Lady is actually talking with another person...
Miss Kyla (moving back to me): Ne-vermind.

In my mind I was laughing too loudly, but outside I was like this -> ...oh...

Sam comes nearby (not really gonna give out a detail), and he comes with me and Miss Kyla to go up the stairs. Ooh, the confidence is breaking. We walk a little bit and go into a little room, then find out it's the wrong room. Ooh, the confidence is building up. Haha, this sounds a bit confusing, I know. But at least I didn't go in the room that time. It was a few seconds later.

The door opens, I see a group of colourful students, just sitting down, and one of them seems to be practising a bit. I sit down. Another student goes up and practises a bit. I learn that we just press the down arrow. That's it. And there's words on Mrs Burt's laptop incase we FORGET, as Miss Kyla told me. And to speak slowly, too. I get it, I am pretty rapid on speaking when nervous. When nervous.

You'll never guess who went up next. Me. I just sat down! Haha! I went to do my speech and got some feedback from Miss Kyla for a little while. She had told me to slow down in my speaking and dialogue. I get it, I do speak fast. I don't know why, let alone don't know if that's normal or not. And I forgot some stuff, too. I think I did. Oh well, what I stuff up, I build up. There, that's short.

And before you know it, the visitors were coming in. Sitting down, filling each row. Wow, this was going to be interesting. As said before, I've never done a speech, nor a presentation, in front of 40-50 people I don't know. Then, each student went to do their speech. They were EXTREMELY informative about their views on Learn, Create, Share. Expression was being used so much...

Then, onto me. The moment I've not savoured ever since the offer was given to me. I don't have the video yet, and I don't remember much of the extra parts I said, but here, I present to you, a bit of the speech, in my view:

(talking about the first slide, showing me smiling and doing a pose) "Whooa! Who is that guy?!"
(when moving onto the sharing part) "...quite a well known blogger in our community. I didn't know about that...*visitors laugh a little* don't wanna brag *more laughter*..."
(pointing at the D.L.O I created....with someone) "Oh, and this is the D.L.O I did with someone...yeah, the thinking over there...yeah.............yeah, uhh, so, movi..."

Clapping and applause ended my speech, then there were some more speeches said. Ending briefly, we all exited the classroom/room, and casually, as casual as we can be, we went. I went back to school, completely alone and, would you believe it (AGAIN), all by myself!

So, yeah, that was my morning. And to update, today (Thursday), I was told by Miss Kyla that Sam, who had reckoned to stay by, listened in as people were apparently talking about the "confident, humorous, funny, boy". She knew it was me, I was walking around, and looking at the audience IN THE EYE. Not being threatening-like, but it's true.

I'll talk about another event that happened to me later on.

Riddle Me Wednesday! Forget Last Week, It Was Forgotten! And Even Though It's Thursday, It's Still A Riddle!


I know what you're thinking from last week, I MAY have missed out a Riddle Me Wednesday post. I know, I know, pretty unorganised, but don't worry, at least I haven't forgotten this week! Now, last week's riddle...no, last, LAST week's riddle...

Railroad crossing without any cars. Can you spell that without any R's? Now for that answer...here is how you spell that without R's...


There you go. Of course, there's no R's in there! Or, not in "that". Haha, get it? I'll take the look on your face reading this, as a yes! Thank you! This week's riddle, after many...days...okay, here goes:

What do you call an elephant in a phone booth?

Remember...you're describing what an elephant is if they're in a phone booth...

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Declaration! I've Got It, My People!!!

Good day to you, reader!

I had remembered what I was going to say...

I've got it!

I've got it!

It took several crashes, and a delay of blogging, but I got it! The Declaration of the End of the Blogging War, fully signed and agreed on, can now be showcased on my blog. I'm the last one out of the three of us (Patosina and Stanley signed theirs and blogged theirs) to blog it, and here it is...

And I shall tell you this, there will be not another one coming our way - WE WON! Yeah! Hurrah!

Thank you for reading.

Movie Evaluation Task - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Hayne: The Pegasus

Now the description is below! This makes this describing thing MORE easier! Pah, so smart! Okay, so the drawing above this little blurb is from our Movie Evaluation of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I worked on this, with the additional help of Stanley. The task (I posted this before, it had the red arrows and stuff) before this told us we needed to choose one of the mythical creatures and find some information about them.

Of course, we didn't want to picture ourselves as a lion with a human head, or a giant with one big eye. Or a horrible-looking evil thing, so we did a *Pegasus.

*This creature may or may not have been used several times before from other students in the Kia Manawanui Syndicate.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Fulfilling a Friday! Part Two...

Okay, so I've ran out onto the courts outside, where the Year Eights were doing their KiwiSport session. If you read that sentence, and knew that they were NOT in the hall, good on you. We moved out of the music room because of the noise in the hall, and we THOUGHT the Year Eights would be in the hall next, but they weren't.

Briiilliant. But that didn't matter, because I was on my way to get the people I needed. Mehi, Ma'asi, Stanley, and William. People who were responsible. Responsible. Responsible. A few seconds into the walking, and I'm arguing with them. How responsible (!). Apparently, one of them was on a different subject, and another thought the person I talked about before was replacing another person who is in this little project of mine but isn't (they're sick), and I said no. I guess SOMEONE did not get something right!

It was Ma'asi. Just sayin', just sayin', no hard feelings...no, really, none of it.

We go inside the office, then I guide Ma'asi and Mehi into the uniform/stationery closet. Mehi looked a bit, "nervous". She wasn't, but it looked like. It was a proper recording studio! It's dead silent, a small area, and a place where no one can actually see you! But anyway, we get started, and while the song goes, I guide Mehi and Ma'asi throughout the song. Pointing at the words, pointing at them, I think I was being the rudest person in the closet! Haha! Get it, because it's rude to point...

Recording, I also show some signs that also said something. Waving my hand up and down meant "Sing louder, the microphone's a bit far from you...", waving my hand near my throat as if I'm cutting my throat violently, meant "Stop right now!" as there was times they were dragging a little bit into my parts. No offense, don't take it the wrong way...

And we were done! Yay! No I needed to do Stanley and William. This was going to be interesting. Or, in the following words when I couldn't hear myself (because I was wearing headphones and it was loud):
"I can't actually hear myself say this, but I think recording with Stanley and William will be interesting *laughs*"
Momentarily, the three of us get into the closet. Wow, isn't this wonderful...recording a song...in a closet! Got to be a life hack, if not already. Okay, so the headphones are on Stanley and William, while I stand in the corner, pointing out their parts. Goes quiiite well, Stanley's a bit rusty on some parts, like at one part, he literally confuses the song with the actual song I was "parodying". It was sooooo funny! I literally felt a pain in my body as I was laughing. That's how funny it was.

Oh, and the lights were off. I forgot to mention that. It was dark, I mean, REALLY dark. The only thing that was a source of light was the netbook I used. Borrowed, I mean. Minute after minute, I heard them singing their parts of the song. And then, there was a challenge...

They had to sing the last part. The very last part, and had to make sure it was at the same time as I sang it. It took many times. Then after what seemed like two minutes, they did it! Hooray! We're finished! We all help Caleb pack up the recording equipment, and I take this lovely Bob. They called this speaker-like thing (which I don't really know the name of, sorry) Bob. What a nice name.

But that's not all. We go into the boardroom, because the hall was being used for a KiwiSport session. In the hall. In the hall. So, into the boardroom, two gentlemen, carrying Cook Island percussion instruments, putting them in their places. Caleb had put some microphones, and microphone stands, near them as well. This looked so cool! I wish I could play at least one thing for one time. Stanley got to play a drum, as we called it, and William got to play one...

Then Mehi got to play one...then William gave the instrument he got given, to me! Wow! I had a feeling this would happen!

And I didn't know we were about to be recorded. Me and Mehi struggled, well, mostly me was the one who struggled, seriously, as I/we were trying to get into the beat, for all the songs. Ma'asi was telling us what to do most of the songs, like she normally does (as a joke, not serious), and we get it. We get the beat, and Mehi is enjoying it well, laughing at Stanley's face on the drum. And me. And Ma'asi. And Caleb. Most of us were laughing.

Then when it finished, the beat, we all laughed, and Stanley was smiling and panting. Then we moved onto a slow beat (because the last one was a fast beat), and it was great. And interesting, I didn't know we were ending abruptly. Only Mehi's sudden holding of the sticks I had were the sign that I should've stopped.

After the recording, the kind men ended their session, and so, me, Mehi, Ma'asi, William, and Stanley help them and Caleb pack up. The instruments, and the recording equipment. I stopped myself from helping, and because I had four cartons of milk (there were bonuses, Caleb didn't want the last two, and STANLEY TOLD ME TO DRINK IT FAST), so it was obvious I need to go to the bathroom. This is sounding weird, let me move on.

I have my little moment, and then I get out, washed my hands, la la la, I need to stop doing this. OKAY, I'm out of the bathrooms, and for the sake of time, and management, I help Mehi and Stanley, and forgot about William sorry, with their netbooks...and their bags. A quick conversation with Ms Aireen, then Whaea Petra, then Ms Kyla, and then I ran downstairs, tired, with their bags in my hands. Running down the stairs...passing through people's conversations.....looking frantic....

And thankfully, they were coming out of the doors just to see me, giving them their bags. I couldn't find William's netbook, in case you didn't know, because I was obviously in a rush to get stuff, and I followed him upstairs to get it. Some other stuff happens, and then we farewell each other. William and Mehi go one way, me and Stanley go our way.

Walking, me and Stanley talk about what just happened. Oh, yeah, before I went to the bathroom, I was playing one of their little ukuleles like I was in Shakespeare. People walked by, I sang to them, badly, while also playing the instrument, badly.

But yeah, cutting it short, me and Stanley go our separate ways home, yelling to each other "Bye!". I mean, seriously, at one point I yelled,

"Gosh, dang it, BYE STANLEY!!!"

But he continued...

That was my Friday...

Friday, 5 June 2015

Fulfilling a Friday! Part One...

So today, on this Friday, it was quite a MUSICAL kind of day at school. Caleb, our music teacher/music specialist, recorded me and a couple of "responsible" people a song I wrote, with many credit to the person that helped me a lot!

It all started after Morning Tea...everyone was making a racket. Like always. That's the new normal now. Hmm. :-\ . But I didn't mind at all, as I had just came from pointing at orang thi-ORANGE BUTTON! Oh, sorry, I think this has become a hab-ORANGE TITLE! Ugh, gosh, now I'm doing this on a po-ORANGE LOGO! Ugggh, nevermind...

While sitting down, doing what I did, Caleb came in to get me, and even though I was excited...I had no netbook (dulll me), so I took one netbook which I could find, and don't worry, the owner of the netbook would trust me to protect it...really wellll....

Shoes on, netbook in hand, Caleb behind me, we both walked down to the music room.

Now, let me tell you, the netbook I chose was not quite what I thought it would be. It would be little than an hour that it would be so low it would shut down, so I needed to be quick. Not really, I was just searching up the thesaurus with Caleb about which word would replace "just". He found one. I don't know if I should tell yoou, knowing this is for later on in the year...

No, I shouldn't...sorry.

But the recording. There was a biiiiit of a disturbance next door, knowing that the Year Sevens were doing their KiwiSport Hockey Session, and since the microphone I was singing into is, like, REALLY sensitive, so it could sense the noise from the hall next door. So, with GREAT thinking (not joking), Caleb told me to come with him, to find a place to record. Somewhere quiet. Into the library...ooh, there's the faint rapid footsteps from the hall, and the microphone may still get that.

Then, he went to the office area, and I followed him. Oh, they have fish in the fish tank in the office now. Cool. The water's bubbling, the fish are almost bright orange. Coool. While I was doing that, Caleb went into the cupboard where all the uniforms and stationery were laid out. He closed the door, and I looked remarkably confused...

And the next thing you know...BAM! We have a proper recording studio. A cupboard (or closet) full of unused uniforms and unused stationery. Sounds peculiar, but trust me, it was really quiet in there once he set up the equipment, and I plugged a charger to the netbook I was using. Phew. And so he recorded me singing the finished song. It sounded, now that I think about it, pretttyy good!

Now all I had to do was get the backup singers for the song...be right back...

Movie Evaluation - Percy Jackson - Matching Creatures to Descriptions...

This is another part of the Movie Evaluation tasks for Percy Jackson. For this task, which Stanley did, I only helped, he had to match the name of the mythical creature to its description. I don't know how long it took, but I can tell you it, by the looks of it, may have been hard for Stanley. Sorry for the non-help, Stanley...

Enjoy the drawing...

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Percy Jackson - Movie Evaluation - Compare Percy and Hades...

I won't say hi. Good evening, reader...

This is the second task to the Movie Evaluation for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I did most of it, letting Stanley rest for the hard work he put into the previous task that I just posted before. The link below shows the thinking from both of us (he still helped with the writing/typing), showing Percy Jackson's side of things, and Hade's side of things. Their personality, their actions throughout the movie, and how they changed.

We were learning about the characters by using the film to help write down facts about them.

Percy Jackson - Movie Evaluation - Remember! Do you remember....


Willy here. I know I don't need to introduce myself but I just ran in the rain and it felt good, okay, so don't bother the intro. This link below this description will take you to the first task of many for our Movie Evaluation for the recent movie everyone watched: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Bolt Thief. Bah, I don't know the actual title, and I've watched this movie many times! Haha!

But anyway, the link. Like the Hercules Question Movie Task (forgot sequence of words), me and another person had to answer the questions related to the movie. This is the Remember task. Yes, the Movie Evaluation is based on the Bloom's Taxonomy.

The questions on the document were filled out by me and Stanley. No, no. Nevermind. STANLEY did literally everything, and only needed my help for the spelling. Because we were rushing. And I was getting ready for a test. Re-test, test, I don't know. I was doing four questions that I got incorrect.

OKAY, the link! Haha, I'm procrastinating a lot right now. The link's below....uhh, we were learning to remember what happened in the movie to answer questions related to the movie....uh...yes. That's it.

Click here for the document we worked on.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Hercules Movie Evaluation - What Makes A Hero?

Below is another task from the Movie Evaluation tasks about Hercules (the 1997 film, not the 2014 one). It is part of our Myths and Legends topic, and Hercules, is from Greek Mythology. I think he is. The drawing below shows our (me, TJ, and Teina's) thinking. Again, I changed it a bit. Sorry, guys...

Hercules Movie Evaluation Task - Describe the Character!

Hi, we meet once again in another post about the Movie Evaluation of Hercules (1997, not 2014). Down below is a drawing about the characteristics in which we (me, TJ, and Teina, the people I worked on this with) thought about when watching the movie.

We were learning to describe the characters in the movie and list their qualities, hero-like, or villain-like.

Hercules Movie Evaluation Task - Movie Questions

Hi. Below is the questions about the movie Hercules (1997 film, not 2014) that the (almost) whole syndicate watched 7 days ago on a Monday.

I did this task with TJ and Teina, and since I didn't do much of the work (and they did do most of it), I decided to go back on this task and work on the questions, even though I had only watched probably three quarters and a half of the film.

Enjoy! Some answers may be wrong, but come on, I didn't watch the WHOLE film. Thanks to a little, sore throat...

  1. Who are the singing ladies in the beginning? The singing ladies in the beginning were the singing muses.
  2. Who gave Hades his job? Zeus was the one that gave Hades his job, which was to be in charge of the underworld.
  3. Who should Hades release when the planets align? The Clash of the Titans. Or the Titans...
  4. How do you kill a god? You give them the mortal potion, and then when they drink it, then yo can kill them, because they are mortal (they can die)
  5. Phil is a . . . _?_Goatman. Phil is a goatman.
  6. How is Phil convinced to train Hercules? Hercules told Phil that he was the son of Zeus, and when Phil was about to doubt that, Zeus hit him with lightning, and so Phil believed him.
  7. What does Hercules use as a “weapon” before he realizes it is wrong? Hercules uses a fish, instead of a sword, as a weapon and almost immediately realizes it is the wrong weapon.
  8. The guy asks if Phil is the goatman who trained who? . . .  The guy asks if Phil trained Achillices.
  9. How does Hercules get out of the Hydra? Hercules used a sword to cut the Hydra open, and escape. 
  10. How does Hercules finally kill the Hydra? Hercules uses/gathers big rocks that would crush the Hydra.
  11. How did Meg come to work for Hades? They both had a deal that Meg would seduce Hercules. Although she was going to lose her freedom, she was going to work for that, too.
  12. Hercules cannot become a god because he is not a . . . ? He could not become a god because he was not a true hero.
  13. What is Hercules’s weakness? Hercules’ weakness was Megara, because of the relationship they shared, or maybe love.
  14. How does Pain and Panic get Pegasus away? Pain and Panic got Pegasus away by transforming into a female Pegasus, to get Pegasus away.
  15. What does Hercules have to do to free Meg from Hades? Hercules gives up his strength for 24 hours to Hades for Meg’s freedom.
  16. How many Titans does Hades release? Hades releases 5 titans, including a cyclops.
  17. How does Hercules get rid of the Titans? Hercules, along with some other gods, throw the Titans back into the Underworld.
  18. Why couldn’t the fates cut Hercules’s “string”? The fates couldn’t cut Hercules’ “string” because he was an immortal, he was a god, he couldn’t die.


Winter is here. What will happen in the next three months?