Saturday, 30 May 2015

Waiting...I was waiting...for Stanley...


There was once a time where I became the most encouraging and supportive friend for ten minutes. Or more, I don't know, all I can say is that it started out great, and ended in a way I never knew existed. It all started when the bell had rang, and I was sitting in the class, waiting for everyone to walk out and get their bags.

It would be hard to get mine knowing how my locker is placed in a bad spot. Buut I still love that spot, so I'll leave it there. I was sitting down, and I saw Stanley. He couldn't go...because he had one question left. It was his GLOSS test, and he saw me, told me to stay and wait for me, and so I did. I don't know why, but I went to sit next to Stanley (not too close).

Oooh, milk for me. I hope it wasn't from Tuesday, because that would result in a bad ending to the story. So, Stanley got one...moving on (hehe), they were starting. Ms Aireen and Stanley, hurrying with the GLOSS Test, while I sit on the side, doing absolutely nothing but try and think about the questions.

Okay, the "doing nothing" part isn't true, I tried making him get the answer wrong. Yep, I'm really supportive (!). Anyway, after about a minute, you'll never guess what happened...

There was another question. I guess I was being really supportive, knowing my sister is waiting downstairs in her classroom. But you know, as I said in that moment, "Time can wait...", and so, ignoring my mind telling me to go, I stayed to see the test finish itself. Stanley, by the way, was the last Year Eight for GLOSS testing. This was going to be a record. The only student to witness the last GLOSS test for the moment after school. Me. Ha.

So, Stanley was on the other question, and I decided to something to change the atmosphere. Because goodness me, have you been in this kind of situation? Being in a classroom, waiting for a friend, while they're testing, after everyone else is gone? I bet you have...or haven't. I don't know, that's for you to decide...

I had a piece of paper. And lucky enough, a pen! So, get those together and you've got...a sign that says "WRONG" pointed straight at your friend. "C'mon, Stanley, you can do it..." I say.
"Shut up, Willy." whispers Stanley in his "stop-it-or-else" voice,
"Oh, come on, I've got a sign for you." I reply in my "easy-choice" voice, and he turns around, and unsurprisingly, gets furious in a funny way. Not serious, remember that.

The test has finished. Wow, that was a long time. The time is what I think is 3:15pm. Stanley stands up, grinning with an evil smile kind of look. It was worth it, anyway. If he got a question wrong, that won't be blamed on me, I mean, I was supportive right?!

Here's some proof:

"Don't worry, Stanley, I'll be the most encouraging friend ever for now." I say,
"Thanks, Willy." Stanley replies,
"Okay, YOU CAN'T DO IT STANLEY!!!" I cheer onto Stanley. Whaea Petra and Ms Aireen laugh out loud.


Let me make a second part to this post. It'll be worth the wait...

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