Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Return...of School! | Two Weekly Post (1) - 20th April to 24th April (1 of 2)

See the title? I apologize for any confusion.

Where can I start on the first of two weeks of school?

It was a blast!

Monday. It was morning. I came early. Before long, a lot of people came, including the two people who I kept interacting with almost everyday during the holidays. Mehi, and Stanley. The moment I saw Stanley, it was like one of those slow motion shots where the two people run to each other to hug. In this scenario, we just high-fived.

When I saw Mehi, though...I don't know how it happened, I just ran towards her all awkwardly (like I allways do, heh), and then started talking about the stuff we already talked about during the holidays. Especially the Thinker's Keys task me, Mehi, and Stanley did just a couples days back.

Back in the classroom, things were about to be can I put it without being a bit over the line? Agh, stuff it. Serious. This term was going to be a serious one. Not ALL serious, I mean, come on, I-I-I've been practising my classtime jokes during the school holidays!

But yes, back to school. There was an event going to happen on Wednesday, I'll tell you later. For now, there was the issue of some people not completing work from last term. At least we all know what isn't finished, we'll finish it, right? So, without further ado...

Ms Aireen and Whaea Petra introduced a new thing to the class. It was about learning. This thing was, and I forgot the name, the 7 Day...yeah, that's all I remembered. Heh. But they were trialing this thing for a couple of weeks, and it sounded exciting. I can only remember Reading, which thankfully, it was ANZAC related, because, well, ANZAC Day was on Saturday. It was extremely hot for me and Mehi to just sit and work. And we suffered that heat wave on us for half an hour or so.

Oh, gosh. That was hot. Soo hot. I mean, REALLY HO-okay, moving on. We start on a new book, called Wonder, and some other learning goes on (I forgot). The class focused on writing a pepeha, which was part of our languages in the afternoon. We were to complete it by tomorrow. By the end of the day, I was completely stuck, and was half finished.

Tuesday! It's my lucky day! And it was day two of the 7 Day thing. Another ANZAC was cool! A Current Event was what me and Mehi did, I think. I don't know. The pepehas the class did, we all did our ones. SOME, and when I say some I mean ONE, of us used some faked information. False, if I can say. But considering the fact that this is a learning blog, la la la, I can't disclose any other information, la la la, cause significant damage to ones learning, la la la, controversy. There.

That was Tuesday. And in order for this to work...this was part of my plan. To defeat Stanley in the war he started! I, MUST, WIN!

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