The Handshake...

This little video (which hopefully works) below shows this little handshake that William, great friend and trickster, had created for me and him. It was during a handshake contest against him and Patosina (you know her), and I was the person they used for shaking their hands with multiple movements and such.

Ms Aireen suggested to us to film our handshake and post it on our blogs. So here it is, with master capturing from Brooklyn, we bring to you...

The Handshake.

If the video doesn't work, click here.


  1. WOAH THATS COOL!!! I'm not really a handshaking kinda yeah ;)


  2. Wow that was a really cool handshake Willy and William. Love the enthusiasm that went into creating this handshake. Have you both though about spicing up your handshake for example adding a cool musical beat as I know you are both musically talented - William can rap and Willy and can move and grove at the same time. Just an idea - but well done!


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