Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sudden Realisations | New Zealand Sign Language Lesson


Just today, and since it was the seventh day of the New Zealand Sign Language Week, I decided to go onto the official website...and learn some signs! It was pure easy, once I got used to it! There were signs like "baby"..."work"..."love"..."kiwi"...I almost learnt all seven signs the website showed up with.

Then I went back to the sign learning game I talked a little about before in a previous post. I started off on preparing my character. Boy. Black hair. Brown eyes. For those I learnt the signs as well. Then this family tree showing only my sister, brother, mother, and father. To be honest, I think they got my life well! Get it? Because I have one brother and one sister. Wow.

Onto the next area of signing. Food, I think it was. It was cool. Just like before. The sign for apple, the sign for orange, the sign for water, the sign for milk. I couldn't believe, once again, that the signs for these items would look, I can't explain it. If you get apple, and you see the sign for that, it would look're eating an apple! It's cool!

Colours were next. Blue, yellow, red, and the other colour I forgot. Wow, just let me tell you, I felt SO relieved I got the answers right while playing!

But yes, back to the learning game, I found out what the monster was about...took me a while to figure out what was actually happening. No, it's not a random pop-up creature, I thought. There had to be a logical explanation to this. A few moments of thinking, and I figure it out. It was a shouter, who didn't know I was a sign ninja, and I couldn't communicate sign with him...because he was just TOO busy trying to tear down the walls of the labyrinth (building of walls and temples or stuff like that).

And it needed FOOD to calm down. I thought to myself, Hey! I should give him food! And so I did. He was gone in a flash once I gave most of my stuff in my sack.

Let me just fast-forward a bit. I had a lot of food and drinks now, after going to the food part of the game a couple times, and to my surprise, I memorised them quite well every time I did it. Amazing!

And then the numbers...and the alphabet...and the family, this couldn't get any more better.

Until...I had to get more points, boosting my beginning knowledge on New Zealand Sign Language. It was cool, I actually remembered which sign was what, and before you know it..............

I got the ultimate achievement to a beginner signer like me. The red belt. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it. NOW I get into signing?! Oh my goodness, me, what the blank was wrong with me three years ago?! I only did a small video with a previous friend of mine, and unfortunately I don't think the video from almost three years ago I did is available. But! I found a link on the previous friend's blog (he doesn't attend T.P.S anymore...I don't know why...):

But back to today, I have "mastered" the signing language. Well, hopefully I have, as I know I would have to have a LOT of practise to become, like, a normal signer. Hopefully it'll work out in a couple years.

Thank you for reading this post. And since my netbook broke, for some really sad and dangerous and not at all dull reason, I think the part of me recording myself signing will be delayed. Or any other task that needs a webcam to complete. Thank you for reading anyway.

Now here are some of the pictures I screenshotted from Sign Ninja!

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