Sunday, 17 May 2015

Started Great, Ended Sad | 2 Weekly Post - 4th May - 8th May

So on this week it was a pleasure. A pleasure to just start at the beginning of the week, having no such worry whatsoever. Besides a little reading probe test, yes, I was a little worried, but besides that, I thought this was going to be a good week.

Oh, and Patosina received a new ally. Ma'asi. She's a good one, sharp aim, straight to the point. Oh, goodness, and they were extremely close to enemy lines. Oh, goodness, what could I do, aim for Stanley's area or Patosina's. I didn't know, so, without interruption, troops from my side were being tormented. Luckily, though, they got back.

And this language is becoming extremely confusing for me to put you in a blogging war experience.

Let me move onto Tuesday without getting in the way of the war. In the morning, I did some maths, with a maths lesson from Whaea Petra. Of course, in a post I did on this particular day, this was not quite the lesson that I expected. In fact, it was a great one, solving a problem using what we already know, because we have great minds, and learning on from what we did! Wow!

Also on Tuesday, in the afternoon, the class found out it was New Zealand Sign Language Week. So, in honour of the week, we all set out to learn at least SOME signs that we could use later on. Although, for Stanley, Mehi, Danisha, and myself, we went about doing what we did...mucked about on the website until we got somewhere, and laughed our heads off. Not literally, of course. I wouldn't be here if that happened.

And then, later on..........I REACHED EIGHT HUNDRED BLOG POSTS!! HOOO-RAAAYY!!!!

Next. Wednesday. Visitors came, and I went along with the other Student Councillors to guide them. But here's something probably no one talked about, and can probably be told here, on this blog...

So, it was just a bit over fifteen minutes before one, and me and Stanley went downstairs to ask Ms (< I didn't know which title to choose) Fepuleai when the Student Councillors would, you know, do their thing, set themselves up. But, before me and Stanley went to her, we found out seconds before entering the hall, that she was busy talking with the visitors, in the hall.

And it would be a waste of time to go back up again and then find out the "talk" ended when we went. So, without any thought, Stanley whispered to me, "Willy, just stay here, wait..." and what did I do? Listen, like a good friend did.

Minutes went by, and we were lying down, near the doors outside the hall, leading to the hallway with the past school day classroom pictures. Now to change the context. It was cold, wintry-like experience. I was kneeling behind a door that lead to the nurse's reception. My journey doesn't end, but it does surprise me. Crike...the enemy's right on the other side, looking at me. We're both wounded. Patosina's gotten way over our level.

She's bursting through the seams. All we can do, as leaders, is to wait and see. Could we work together to get a message across??

Yeah. Well, I left Stanley do to the actual job so I wouldn't look weird just standing right behind him. Now let me get to the actual event from Wednesday. I was paired with Mehi and Stanley to guide some visitors, and like always, it was quite awkward, but luckily we kept things going a bit exciting with the classes going and a surprising dance battle with a teacher and William (Another Student Councillor and friend)! It look edintense, with Cypress (also another Student Councillor, and friend) on the drums and everyone in the music room gazing and awwing at the battle.

The teacher won. Hands down.

Thursday. I came late to school, obviously, due to the new routine of having my sister attend school. I better get used to that. Technology was about to start, or at least, in this case, the Design Technology group. Phew, lucky me. We continued on with our Design projects with the garden, adding fruits and vegetables, flowers, all the stuff, and it was going quite well. Bit of distraction, but that didn't stop us.

Until it actually stopped us for a while. (sighs), this is exactly why I don't go with music while working. Don't hate on me, reader, there are a LOT of people in my class that appreciate the idea of music, but isn't that a risk? Isn't that opening up ideas for two people, with different taste, to literally turn UP the volume of their netbooks, so they can be in the zone?

And besides, it causes controversy, that starts with two people, ends in two groups, and then before you know it, music banned. I think this idea deserves a think from the students. By the way, these were my accurate thoughts after the sudden realisation of not finishing enough work.

A bit of a meeting with the Student Councillors. I found out I'm doing something later on. Learn, Create, Share was the topic. Yep. I'm speaking about it, on behalf of my school.

But, with that thought in'll neeever guess what happened later netbook glitched, got messed up, by itself. Or it broke, I don't know what to call it. Gosh, dang it, me. I'm so dull. But I am NOT, I repeat, NOT, going to give out the story of how it happened. No, it didn't involve anyone. No, it didn't involve any physical touch or kick.

So on Friday, things were completely turning into custard. Not only did I not have a netbook to work on, and not only did lots of people keep touching it, causing it to actually lose the whole screen (thanks a blimmin' lot, people who touched the screen), but the noise level was completely over the roof.

It's safe to say, for the first time EVER, that I literally didn't enjoy one day. I did not enjoy Friday.


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