Sunday, 17 May 2015

Solving a Word Problem using Number Strategies

Hi. <- Seriously I don't know any other way of introducing a post besides that. The presentation below shows Equals Ten's thinking on a word problem, which is also in the presentation. It took a lot of thinking (for me), and a lot of time (for me). In fact, I was SUPPOSED to complete this post a long time ago, but there was something else. There was always something else.

This presentation is dedicated to our still and always beloved friend, Tanisslous. *sniff* *sniff* Why must I *sniff* sniff so much today?! He is a good guy, always knew what the answer was, and would always get in your face...literally, he did that once. And since he is gone, you know...he used to pickpocket me all the time!! You know this one time he actually taught me how to pickpocket...

It ended up badly. The guy I was literally pickpocketing saw me, and I found something QUITE surprising. It's less weirder than the item you're thinking right now. I won't tell.

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