Sunday, 3 May 2015

Project Willy? | The 2 Weekly Post (2) - 28th April - May 1st

Tuesday, let's start with Tuesday. Oh, yes...A Day in the Life of a Year Nine. Us Year Eights, along with other Year Eights across other schools in the area, went off to the local Tamaki College to experience what a "normal" college day for a Year Nine would be like.

To be frank, truthful, and honest, it was quite a fun experience. Got to meet old friends there, and made a few acquaintances, but that's alright. More so, if I get the chance, you'll find out what I did that may be regretful in a couple of months...

Let's switch to Wednesday now. What I can say about Wednesday was that I started on making the A Day in the Life of a Year Nine posts, and lost a bit of focus on my project, but luckily I gained focus, thanks to Mehi, who reminded me.

Since Wednesday's a bit forgetful, here's Thursday. Wow, wasn't this a busy day. Mostly Technology. The group were split up into smaller groups, and in those groups, they had to start on a design plan for the school garden. My group members were TJ and Sulaiman. Gooood sports with the muuusic...

And to cut this post short, Friday. The first day, of May. The last month of Autumn, an quite a cold one, perhaps. I continue on with my project. It was quite interesting, considering the fact I would be doing this officially, in the real thing, with all my heart poured into it.

Gosh, this week was short and sweet, and not only that, it was fun too. I just wish I had more time...

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