Saturday, 23 May 2015

Pink Shirt Day at Tamaki Primary

On Friday, maybe I should say yesterday, was Pink Shirt Day, a day for everyone to celebrate everyone's differences and prevent/stop bullying. Tamaki Primary was involved, and gosh, didn't everyone, especially teachers, become surrounded in pink! I was surprised! That Stanley wore a pink band on his wrist...

A pink band. On his wrist.

And I came to school with a pink shirt and white pants. Like, seriously, I have never worn white pants so white. Oh, no, wait, the Tamaki Primary Movie Festival in 2012. Aah, good times. ANYWAY, in the morning, everyone was walking about, not minding the pink, and I came to school quite early. Isn't that a miracle. I came early.

Skipping to after nine o'clock, the Student Councillors stayed behind while the rest of the school were enjoying a waste management assembly. I bet they had a good time, but at least I developed some ingenuity, you know, the Student Council got Pink Shirt stickers and it ran out, and I didn't know, until the moment I saw everyone wearing a sticker.

So I thought, Hey! I can do better! I'll get some paper, draw a clone sticker, add some sellotape, and BAM! I have my own sticker, made out of about waste management, and recycling, too. And I did that, and it was smart, Ms Aireen said someone should give up their sticker to me, but, you know, originality is better than...wearing the same sticker, as everyone??

Moving on, there was a skit performed by the Student Council, and to point out, I helped with the writing. Hehe, I only wrote the first scene with a few people, the rest of it, I was completely stuck and left out. But that didn't matter, the scripting was done, and the councillors involved practised a lot, and we showed it to Ms Aireen. Nice, all they needed to add was confidence, and expression.

Morning Tea, I'm staying in. At least I think I was staying in. I don't quite remember being outside. Yeah, I don't remember being outside at Morning Tea.

Okay! Back to work! Haha, I completely skipped Morning Tea. Ha. The Pink Shirt assembly was going to start after noon (Get it? Get it? I seriously hope you get it), and the Student Councillors, again, were going to help with some stuff, setting up the hall. At the assembly, I'm one of the presenters, and to my surprise, I've never sang high ever since last year!! I mean, seriously, I couldn't go as high as I did from that assembly.

Oh, goodness, me, I've never sung high since then.

Back to the assembly, the band performed. What a great coincidence (they sang this song last year, in the Year Eight graduation, hopefully you get it when I say the song), and great message (the song was Hall of Fame, I bet you get it right now, double meaning, by the way) that it showed. Never gets old, the vocals.

Some (no, I shouldn't say some, a lot of) Student Star Awards were given out to many students, so many, that they had to make a second line! WOW! And a little speech prepared by Ms Aireen, presented by two Student Councillors, a song that we knew had a great message (Brave by Sara Bareilles), and another band performance. At least I can say they performed another song, I don't know if it was after or before something but I remember something.

Ugh, I'm getting the order wrong. National Anthem, Karakia, Student Awards, Band Performance...argh! I forgot what happened after, but there was a speech read about Pink Shirt Day, the origin of the day against bullying, the song I talked about (Brave), the School Band Performed (Where is the Love? And it was such an amazing performance), and I presented one of the Compliment Posters that included such classic compliments like You Amaze Me and You Light Up My Life (or something related).

Ending the assembly on a great point, everyone looked as happy don't know, but they were so happy, I couldn't even DESCRIBE how happy they were. Off the scale. And to believe no complaints made. Well, besides the noise, but you know, what can you do....I left the question out for effect....

The Student Council took some pictures, so that Ms Aireen could send them to the Pink Shirt Day website, and wasn't it so casual! Everyone was smiling, one guy covered his face with the poster, along with one girl, and I stick my leg up. It looks a biiiit wrong in the picture now. Should've lifted it higher...

Lunchtime. A bit drippy, with the bad weather, but still, it was good enough for playing outside. I hang out with Tiere, another friend, who ended up taking me to the playground (last time I went there with her, kids were hugging me, but I'm really tall, and they're at the height where it looks extremely inappropriate to tell you about), and had a lot of laughs. We were seeing if people would get the latest 'You are more fun than bubble wrap' compliment. Some people walked away, some looked confused, some said random things.

And a little boy called Tiere, in response, and in his words (literally, not making this up), " fish!".


After a laugh I couldn't breathe from (although I felt ashamed at the same time, even when I tried talking about it), and you know, it was sensical to walk inside with Patosina, who is another friend, at the time the bell rang. Wow.

In the afternoon...we had a bike lesson! I know this doesn't relate AT ALL with Pink Shirt Day, but the instructor was wearing pink. That counts, right? Right?? Anwyay, let me talk about it. I had a small to medium helmet, which fitted nicely (and didn't choke me, thankfully), and we rode around the track. Considering how I'M SO GREAT AT BIKING AND RIDING, I didn't realise I was going extremely fast, avoiding disaster at the last second.

"Willy, stop going fast!"

"Don't worry, don't worry..."

And I stopped the bike CENTIMETRES from the bike in front of me. DING! The bell went, as I did the wink of assurance. Ms Aireen faintly said, because she was far away from where I was, looked at me, then turned around, said, I think, was "Oh, my god!", and a look of relief. I do wonder why (!).

Another lap, this time, with a partner! My partner was Teina, another friend, and it was INTERESTING when we went at the same pace, being like turtles. The next lap, we were all (as Year Eights) challenged to grab onto our buddy's shoulder. Teina only tapped me for a second, and that was it.

That was my Pink Shirt Day. And for the whole day, I had purple hair. I forgot to mention that.

The, end.


Patosina S said...

Hey Willy,
Sina here,I'm wondering what does Sensical mean?
Could you maybe explain it to me or just message me on gmail and write down the definition of the meaning.

Willy I said...

Hi Sina (hehe),

To answer your question, sensical means something or anything that makes logical sense.

Like it was normal, it happened in a normal way, it was sensible.

Cass said...

I really like that post you must always take lots od time to make sure it makes sence

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