Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Perimetres Game. Or was it Areas, I don't know for sure....


This post is written on Whaea Petra's account, but believe me, this is Willy typing this down.

About now, me and Brodie (also known as Equals Ten) completed this presentation from before. I may have blogged about it before. Yeah, I think I blogged it before.

Then we both went onto this game. This game, according to Brodie, was very frustrating. He wasn't wrong. This was because, every time, he kept on getting that one question wrong. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that when I say he got it wrong, it was a mistake. Wow, this sounds harsh.

But not as harsh as the game! Haha!

Then I played it. He said to me it was on the hardest level, the level being Level Three. SO, we did Level One together.

It was soooooo easy...

Proof? Look below.

In a statement, Brodie said:

That this game is so frustrating, if you get the same question wrong FOUR times, um, it would ask you to go tell the teacher. No, ASK the teacher for help. Um, at the moment, the teacher was busy with testing, Brodie was struggling a lot, 'cause he did not read the questions...

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