Monday, 4 May 2015

My First, True, Christmas.

So, hi, there. Making another post here. Thanks for the idea, Ms Aireen! Hehe, she's my ally, but don't tell the others. But anyway, below this is my recount from last term, in which it was for the writing sample for Term One. Enjoy reading!

And by the way the way how I wrote in this recount is almost different to how I blog. Just pointing that out.

Christmas, 2005. Morning. I woke up, staring at the ceiling. Cold, but still a gentle glow in my body. Standing up onto the wooden floor, I gazed into my brother’s waking eyes. He was just lying there, awake. I walked to the living room to find my parents sitting down with a bunch of people. They were my uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. Because I was a little boy, I didn’t know that at the time, so I thought they were friends. 

We were getting ready for Christmas, and they were all here because it (in 2005) was our new home, and this was our first Christmas. Feeling loved by all the smiles and happiness, I decided to hug everyone, and that made my parents laugh a little. After brushing my once clean teeth and wearing almost identical clothing with my brother, which my mum put on, I was clueless to what was actually happening.

What felt like eleven o’clock, the music starts playing. Vibrations and rhythm was all around my body. We take some pictures of me, my brother, and my mum, smiling. Well, at least my brother was looking into the camera. Then, I walk into the hallway where my cousin is playing with my toy cars. I decide to join in, and we exchanged imaginative stories with one another. I was having fun, but without having cereal for breakfast, I got hungry, and so me and my cousin roam the house for biscuits and cookies.

That utterly doesn’t go the plan. Just as I reach for the cupboard, my mum catches us, and only gave us two biscuits each. We clearly weren’t satisfied with this decision, so we went outside. Out of nowhere, my uncle practically scares me with a big camera, and snaps a photo of me and my cousin, who were not smiling. After that scare, we run outside and play with the equipment we found. Golf, soccer, basketball, touch, rugby. We didn’t have an idea of what those games were, so we just passed the ball to one another. Then I wondered, where’s my brother? I need to run inside. So I did exactly that. My brother was sleeping. Aww.

I got bored to outside, so I went back to the living room, where my other cousins were sitting down, gossiping. All of a sudden...WHACK! I get a cushion to the face by my other cousin. I was a bit sad, but I wanted revenge! So I grab the nearest soft cushion and me and my cousin have a little pillow fight. I then decided to bring my other cousins into the game. They, of course, laugh out loud. So does my mum and grandma, who watch in astonishment to see what me and my cousin did for fun.

Being a little child, I never knew what the actual time was, so I looked up to the sky to tell the time, sort of. According to the sky, it was red and yellow, meaning it was sunset time. Me and my cousin played around in the living room, then it dawned on me that a thing with a big screen was sitting in the corner. It was what my mum called, a “computer”. A device with keys and buttons to push. So, out of curiousity, me and my cousin played on the computer, which, by the way, wasn’t turned on.

With the boredness coming along, with was almost night, and while playing with the nearest Christmas tree-like toy, I looked outside, and what a sight it was. My family, and not to forget family friends, playing volleyball outside. Chatter from the sidelines, the ball being whacked from one side to the other. If it weren’t for the sunset, I wouldn’t have felt so joyful to see everyone play, while I was inside watching.

Dinner comes subsequently, and we were all on the floor, eating our cultural food, discussing subjects I did not have the knowledge of. Since I was a little boy, I couldn’t understand what others were saying, especially myself. I grab a bowl of cereal and then, from that day, became the ‘odd one out’. But when all was awkward, the music turned on again, and without feeling any shame, everyone dances the night out. Everyone. My stomach was full and my body was hyped up, so I couldn’t resist busting some weird moves.

But even with the fun being shared across everyone, it was almost over. Christmas was nearly finished. Everyone was leaving. Feeling sad and a little upset, I yell “Bye!” as they drove off. It was getting late for me, I went to sleep. I dreamt the whole night long. Even if I did lose parts of the day, all I knew was that, from my perspective of things as a child, this would’ve been my first, true, Christmas with my family.

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