Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Multiplication In Parts with Larger Numbers (in this case, one digit number x three digit number)

For now I finished one part of a task provided for maths. It was about using a strategy, which I can say proves EXTREMELY helpful now. I had an unfinished equation (for example, 4 x 245), and then I split them into just their own place value, and multiplied it by the one digit number (for example, using the previous example, 4 X 5, 4 X 40, and 4 X 200). I answered those small, mini, equations, added the three answers I got, and there! The answer!

This picture below shows the hard to see, yet easy to work on bookwork I did on this task. It was so cool, but then I realized I was by myself, and the first page was done, I decided to leave it there. Ta-da!

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