Tuesday, 5 May 2015



If you didn't know, and probably you didn't if you've read my blog, but the school I am in has been offered free milk to help us with our learning. It's so great, it's a different kind of milk! It's lighter! I can't believe it! Lighter! And the best thing of all, I can sometimes have more than one. Possible that's unfair, but I can't resist having another one...or even threee??

So this post is the post where I can introduce once and for all that we get milks delivered to us, and we can enjoy the wonders of milk. Here's a picture of me randomly taken during our milk-drinking...

And it gives facts, too. Did you know that by the age of 13 (like me), you could have adult teeth, like, for all your teeth? You could already have adult teeth at 13! Amazing!

And did you know that it's to build strong bones? Did you know we have-oh, no, nevermind, I forgot the number of bones we have in our body...

But yes, we have milk! Great!


Patosina S said...
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Willy I said...

Oh no that's the first assumption there!

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