Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Maths! With Great Participation!


I know I shouldn't say "Hi!", I know. But don't you feel like I'm talking to you?

Anyway, earlier today there was the normal routine of maths. Oh, maths. How I love it. I get to learn from my mistakes, quickly, and get back to normal in just a jiffy. With lots of help, of course.

My group...I mean, me and Brodie, otherwise known as Equals Ten (Tanisslous apparently wasn't at school today), were being taught by Whaea Petra, with Ten Percent (members including Deandra, Brandon, Cypress, James, and Mehi), and for today we were not being taught about strategies for solving problems. Yep. This went downhill so quickly, didn't it?

No, we, as two groups, and because we had different strategies for answering a question...we were to solve a problem using what we know. That was actually really cool! Haven't been in that kind of situation before, but gosh, it felt good! Such fun!

Up until the point where I did something wrong. At least I think I did. I don't know. But it was a bit different to the others. I was doing the area, not the perimeter! Oh, dang! By the way, we were trying to figure out ways of different size gardens we could use with twenty-four metres of wood. Pretty good problem, right?

We all shared some insight into our strategies, and let me tell you, me and Deandra (who I think was doing the same thing as me, but what did I know?) looked on as some people were dealing with disagreements into which rectangle had the biggest area and which rectangle didn't. Pretty good discussion!

The follow-up task, though, was to use our strategy that we used to solve the problem, and put it into a presentation, which Whaea Petra had sent us. And there could be a possible chance where we can look at our current garden (the dirt-like garden, not the vegetable and fruit garden) and see if it would be possible to have another garden.

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