Friday, 1 May 2015

Maori Feelings!

Hi. This was one of the tasks from last week, which I may have forgotten to blog about. This is awkward. Or shall I say, pōrahurahu? Yes, this is a collaborative drawing, made with Stanley and Brodie, about a couple of Maori feelings which you can learn to say. Now, I just need to learn how I can pronounce them myself, because, I'm not a confident speaker on different languages.

But anyway, back to the point, these are some feelings to fill in the space in the drawing. So, like,'s an example:

If someone were to ask you, "Kei te pehea koe?", meaning "How are you?" you could choose to say, "Kei te kia au!" which can mean, "I am hungry!" or something. I'm not good with memory this week, sorry.

Enjoy the drawing!

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Petra Lawrence said...

Kia ora Willy - mahi pai! Good work! I like the way you have set out your poster to show many different responses to kei te pehea koe.
You have included some words that are perhaps not quite feelings to respond with eg. I am feeling 'joking'? and the abiti (fight) that is not a Maori word as their is no 'b' in the Maori alphabet. Also I think the word you are want is 'hiakai' for hungry - like you have hiainu for thirsty.
It wold be great to hear you practicing some of these phrases around the classroom - maybe you could ask Stanley how he is feeling after your blogging war ;-)

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