Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"Signing" Stuff! | New Zealand Sign Language Week Lesson


On Tuesday, it was said that it was New Zealand Sign Language Week. I didn't know at all! I saw an ad about it but I didn't know it was this week! I feel don't know how I feel! I forgot!

But anyway we were learning how to sign our name. By that I mean introduce ourselves (and name) in sign language.

It was a great time. We played this sign master game, where not only do you explore the levels and become a master, but also, learn new signs! I wish I could show you the signing but sadly, my WEBCAM decided not to go on today. What a great start towards 900...

So I can only describe what happened. Stanley, Mehi, and Danisha had no netbooks. I did. So, guess which person had to lend their netbook for the table to see? Me. And I thought I was going to do it by myself. But, you know, sharing is caring! I went onto the site, scrolled down, then up, then down, then realised I was still on the homepage. Back to resources, heh, we clicked on the signs for letters, and then, well...

Stanley tested me and Mehi on which signs were which. To be honest, I thought I'd lose, considering how I'm bad at remembering SIGNS, from THREE YEARS AGO. YES, I'M PUTTING CAPS LOCK ON DELIBERATELY. Moving on, I won! I know a few signs now!

We went onto the game straight away. And you know the blogging war? Yeah, Stanley took my one sole and power source. By that, I mean my really slow and quiet netbook. Yes, he was getting along with the game, with all of us learning new signs. Like the sign for red, the sign for banana, the sign for apple (my favourite), and the sign for milk (another favourite).

I'll update this post with pictures tomorrow, maybe, but that'll depend on my webcam, and time.

Stanley said he was going to sign a song. Ugh, again. He was going to attempt at trying to translate a song of his choice into sign language. I don't have a picture of it, but I can tell you the song. By the Rivers of Babylon. If you didn't know, Stanley always sang it in moments. Now he was going to do it in sign language!

I'll do the images of me doing my name in sign language tomorrow, and I'll update this post. I think I've said that already. Oh, well. Doesn't matter. I WILL do it.

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