Sunday, 17 May 2015

Items in the Classroom, in Te Reo Maori and English

Hi again. This post is about our Languages lesson earlier this week. The language we did...Te Reo Maori. We had to gather objects in the classroom, write them in English first, then translate them, with the help of an online Maori Dictionary, into Te Reo Maori. 

It was quite a debate for the words we chose, and we had to choose them carefully, because some words did mean the words we had, but were used in a different subject.

I did this task and DLO with Stanley and Lolo. They did a lot of work, so I deserved to work the weekend off on this. It was worth it!

This was the end result. And more apologies if there are any mistakes or any, um...can I say offensive? I don't know, I-I-I'm not really confident to say that.

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