Saturday, 30 May 2015

Forgetting...I was forgetting...about my account on Stanley's netbook...

Yes, so you can see from the title that my day ended in some revenge for Stanley.

So, Stanley and I were having a laugh outside near the lockers. La, la, la, I put his netbook in his bag. Oh, before I continue on with this story, here's a bit of a flashback story that I completely forgot about while putting his netbook in his bag...
Stanley, with kindness, had to go upstairs to begin his GLOSS test. BEGIN, because when the bell rang, he was almost finished. I had no netbook (due to a reason I cannot tell, and if you know the story, seriously, out of respect for me and the netbook itself, do not comment below the story), so I was standing around, colouring. Stanley offers his netbook to me. I log onto my account, and did the stuff I needed to do. I close the netbook, put it in the netbook bag, and put it in Stanley's locker.
And I put his netbook bag, with the netbook in it, into his bag. He goes to the bathroom, at least I suspect he is going to the bathroom, and out of instinct, and out of a little epiphany, I run downstairs, ditching Stanley, to get my sister and walk home. Well, I practically ran out of the school, pulling my sister along, and we're out of the gates.

We walk home. Approaching the front door, I turn around, knowing that Stanley must've known I have ditched him. What happens next happened over the course of about seven seconds. I stand, looking at the entrance of the school. Squinting, I see, from the entrance, a little bit of a shadow. It looks like it's walking out of the gates. I hold my breath, air filling my lungs. Then, with suspense music getting louder and louder...Stanley walks out of the gates, sees me, in clear vision (even though I'm far away), and yells...


And my goodness, didn't I feel as though what I thought came true. Somehow inside me, I knew he'd come out at that moment of time. It was so perfectly timed. But anyway, I wave goodbye, and I see a glimpse of him just walking to the other direction, shaking his head...

Uh, oh...

Now here's what happened that is probably the best revengeful thing ever. At least, in my perspective, it is. Remember the flashback story I told? Yeah, I had logged onto his netbook, my account, and...left my account on, and making Stanley annoyed (in a funny way, not serious), I guess he went onto my account...

And so, later on, at about 6:40pm, I logged onto my account, and this is what I saw. At 6:11pm, I supposedly sent this to Mehi:
"Hi Mehi did you know that I like hairy toes lol"
Now, I do not swear (you know the swear I'm talking about), I did NOT email that. Seriously. And Mehi knew that. Why? Obvious. I don't say "lol". I say "hahahahahahahahahahahaha". Moving on. Stanley was on my account, which I left on, and he was still online. On his account. Oh, and he sent Ms Aireen an email, too. At 6:09pm, he sent this, with the subject being, READ PLEASE!!!!

"Hi Mrs Aireen"

And after a brief conversation, Ms Aireen had said that this thing that Stanley had did, was a serious offence. Oh my goodness! I never knew that! I mean, I thought it was for fun, too, but yeah, I never knew it was THAT bad!

So I told Stanley the news...he didn't handle it well...he didn't know the consequences as well. And Mehi was there, so she was feeling for him. Sorta. He exited off the doc which we were all working on to finish some other work.

I had to keep telling myself that I needed to convince Ms Aireen that I wasn't annoyed in a bad way...because this is what I sent to her when I found out Stanley sent her an email. At 7:52pm, I sent this:
Along with some other stuff, but this was the most relevant.

I couldn't believe it. What started out as a distraction, turned into something bad...

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