Saturday, 30 May 2015

Farewelling a Friday...


Today's been QUITE a mix of emotions. Today was the last day for Ms Macfarlane (otherwise known as Ms Kirsty, Mrs MacFarlane, Mrs Kirsty, Miss Kirsty, or Miss Macfarlane), and to honour her, almost everyone came to school dressed as an animal. Oh, forgot, she was going to work at the Auckland Zoo, her dream job. So, everyone's in their animal onesies and costumes and colourful clothing and such, and I come to school in uniform.

But it's not what you think. At school, where almost EVERYONE was shaming me for not honouring, I got some paper a brown colouring pencil...coloured the paper some scissors, cut the paper into some double-sided tape, put it on the back of the paper...sticked it on myself, on my yellow uniform t-shirt...and there!

I was a giraffe!

But anyway, the Student Council had spent a number of days preparing the assembly, some designing the farewell card on behalf of the Kia Manawanui Syndicate. I wrote a poem for Ms Macfarlane. It took a while, knowing that I was giving Ms Aireen's laptop (I was using her laptop to type it down) away for some other stuff, and all I had was this...

Your last day today,
Good or bad,
Good because of your starting a new journey,
Bad because we’re all sad.
Honouring you in animal clothing,
Of colourful clothing and brightness,
Not only have you taught your class life lessons,
But also how to be righteous...

We’ll miss you, we’ll miss you, Ms Macfarlane,
Sad farewells are given to those people 
Who are the extremely prized and who are so special
Also if you didn’t know but looking at you 

Please always remember 
That we’ll miss you alot 
for all that you’ve done, 
and all you’ve taught. 

The thing is, I only wrote half of that poem. DANISHA and STANLEY got some "INSPIRATION" from the internet, and "PUT THE RESOURCE IN THEIR OWN WORDS"...and the last six lines were not my own words...thank you, Stanley and Danisha.

The card was beginning to be finished, just when Morning Tea came about. I went outside, and saw an old friend. Although, I had only noticed he was actually there when I saw them from the tap.fountain. I overheard a conversation..."He's pretty tall, aye?"...


I walked back and forth, back and forth. Eating my chips, like always. And before you know it, it finished. Huh. That was quick. I help water a plant. My bottle's dirty. Washed it. Back inside.

The Year Eights went down to the hall to...sit down, quietly, while I sat in the front, knowing I was one of the three presenters. Al the classes came down to the hall, settled down (almost), and Ms Macfarlane, the most honourable and the reason we were all animals, came to sit in the special seat, decorated and having the sign "Queen of the Jungle" on it.

Then, it started.

Performances, singing, tears. I almost had one streaming down when watching the video put together by a few people. I did not know, at all, that there was a video. Not being harsh, I just didn't know. All I knew was that I needed to act like I knew what I was doing. And I did. I "acted". Just like I "observe" in games...

The assembly, once again, was emotional. I can't tell you how other people were feeling. There was also, by the way, a saying that Nana (Taylor's Nana, literally, everyone calls her Nana) said during the assembly (Ms Aireen found some spare time to place her speech in there). It's so easy to say hard to say bye... It went something like that. I remember Nana saying that to me on the last day of school last year. Sentimental saying, but moving on. A classic song that everyone danced to cheered the spirits up.

But yes, it was quite a bittersweet end to a great assembly. I mean, this is Ms Macfarlane's last day here! It's such a great loss, as a teacher, but we all wish her well in the coming journey ahead of her. Because you know what they say...

I don't remember what people say. So I'll say one random thing. If you love something, let it go (and please do not sing that song, I was addicted once, actually three months of singing that, it won't happen again).

This post was made for the assembly, I can't really tell you what happened after the assembly for it was both confusing, dream-like, sentimental, somehow heart-racing, over-protective, and many more reasons concerning two empty drink bottles. And a situation. A bad one.

But yes, we had to farewell our one and only (to us) Ms Macfarlane. She is (not was) a great pleasure to have as a teacher and overall a part of the Tamaki Primary Family, and we all, again, hope that she continues with her journey of enthusiasm and colourfulness towards the Auckland Zoo.

You're Awesome, Ms Macfarlane.


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Hi Willy,
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Willy I said...

Yes, may the BEST blogger win...

But anything can know, what Ellie Goulding said!

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