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Eventful Events | Two Weekly Post (1) - 20th April to 24th April (2 of 2)

Wednesday was a special event. This day was the opening of the new school buildings in our school. You know, the Kia Manawanui classroom is in that building! And it was being blessed by a very good man, whose last name sounded familiar actually. I don't think I would be right...nevermind, it was a good ceremony, everyone just looking upon the elegant design of our new buildings. Although we were already in the classrooms, it still feels!

After the class packed the whole setup up, chairs back to the hall...all that. Yeah, that's all I remember...I THINK we did our pepehas later on. It happened, I know it did...

Then at lunchtime, I think, I was doing a little...what I could say, "project" of mine, which Mehi helped make. And what a great opportunity, too. I'll get to showcase it later on. So at lunchtime, I set out to change some words, in particular, and start the big plan.

The following night, Mehi helped me with the big planning, and it was quite finished. Still in the draft stages, considering the first thing I need to do is...oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! I see what you did there! Just waited for me to spill some details out, aye? Well, this is one opportunity I need to take advantage of, and that means I shouldn't tell the whole thing, on my blog, in front of everybody. Niice tryy.

But moving on, Thursday. It was the first week of Technology, and we were settled in on our Technology groups for the term. My group was chosen to be in the Graphic Designs. Aah, remember all those previous times before, last year, and trying to map something was as hard as crike...good times...

My group cleaned up the garden for a bit. The garden, or should I say the school garden, was our project. Because, if I had to put it in a's not looking so good. Not for now, at least. The group's gonna work on it, design a new look!

So, to continue on and make this short, Friday came along so fast. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that me and Mehi were doing a poem related to ANZAC Day and the Gallipoli landings 100 years ago. It was going a bit well, if I could say. The following evening, I shared it to Ms Aireen to read. To my surprise, I didn't know it was that good! Ms Aireen said she was almost in tears! Oh, my gosh!

And would I remind you I'm not a good person when it comes to poetry.

So, FRIDAY came, and there was an ANZAC service the school would be holding. This year, it was outside, near our garden, that's outside the school garden, which had crosses. Each cross had a soldier's name on them. Quite commemorative, if you ask me. Silence. Time to meditate from the noise and chaos, like our soldiers had to deal with 100 years ago.

Every class had something to showcase their message of remembrance to our ANZACs.

That was quite a good way to end the school week.

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