Call to Action! A Blogging War...

Hi. Sergeant Willy here. This is my slightly-big short and unexplanatory-like video that is telling you to go onto my side of this Blogging War...


  1. Wow Willy this video is awesome - the music makes this video seem very dramatic which suits the theme of this blog post. The blogging war you are having with Stanley is motivating him to blog everyday which is great to see. You are an inspiring blogger to many of your peers in the class and also the wider world.

    By the way what app/programme did you use to make your video? Can you show the class as we may have students that will be interested to make a movie to publish/present their learning tasks.

    Great blog post Willy :)

  2. Thank you, Ms Aireen.

    I may share a secret link later on tomorrow due to the effects of explosions and war happening outside the field of my underground trenches. I hope to share it soon. But, question first, would you be one of my allies in this war I created?

    Sergeant Willy.

  3. Thank you Willy! Oh I don't know Willy. I don't think it will be fair if I became one of your allies.

    I think it is a good idea if I became the peace maker so that I can carefully monitor this war that is going on.

    Love your thinking Willy!


  4. Great video Willy! I'm loving the idea of a blogging war with Stanley. I'm going to have to visit your blogs daily to see who comes out as a winner! May the best man win!!!
    (...keep up the great work Willy!)

  5. Teachers' must keep their neutrality! Great work, Willy!

  6. Kia ora willy
    Hi willy we like the way you made a video about your enemy hehe.
    And we like the way you describe you and your enemy ,it feels like you guys are trying your best whois going to beat each others blogging post.

    It awesome and keep it up willy!

    Paterita and Amelia.

  7. WOW! Really Willy really gosh I thought this was between me and you but then no you had to go and collect some troops and allies and really you want Mrs Aireen in this no I will beat Mrs Aireen in a blink of an eye lol telling the truth Mrs Aireen.

    -> Stanley :)

  8. I SAY!


    At least I can build a trust wall with people with the good use of initiative!

  9. WOW!!!!!!!
    Willy I really like the way you have tried to challenge yourself with Stanley on blogs.Keep it up Willy and Keep blogging heaps..

    King Regards Paris,

  10. Oh, man, it got deleted off.....

    It was fun having it while it lasted, I've got to say!


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