Tuesday, 19 May 2015



I mean, hi!

I just got a quick report from the, uh.............

Newsboy? I don't know why there would be a newsboy in the middle of a war but you know, there was a newsboy. He gave the blimmin' wrong news to me!

Gosh, dang it!

It seems Sergeant Stanley wasn't going to give up after all. Apparently, it was a blimmin' JOOOKE.

He says in a statement in the latest article, in the second paragraph:
"I am not giving up. I am still striving to win this war, even though I am a bit low on ammo and the requirements for war and such, that does not mean that I will give in.
"The reason why I am not giving up to Patosina and Willy, is because Jarryd Hayne also never gives up and he inspired me to never give up and strive for my goals. No more comment."
Folks, this is why the media are sometimes incorrect, you know. At first you think someone's given up, then next they say themselves they weren't in the first place.

This is why wars bring up SO much drama. Well, maybe not as much drama, or any drama at all, but it's still a bit interesting when it turns personal.


Patosina S said...
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Willy I said...

Remember to double-triple check your spelling, please.

The newsboy (a boy who gives out the news) is no one you know...ooh...

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