Monday, 11 May 2015

A Trip to the Auckland Memorial Museum!

Earlier today the Kia Manawanui Syndicate were off to the Auckland War Memorial Museum to learn a bit more about Myths and Legends. It was a great experience filled with discoveries, story-telling, lots of engagement, and of course learning! I've been to the museum before, just for fun, and one time in 2011, and this experience, by far, has been the most amazing, because I learnt so much stuff!

Like during the ancient archaeology lesson that the Year Eights had before lunch, I learnt about this little mummy-like figure, which to my surprise was reeally old. I forgot how old, but I bet it was, like, two-thousand to five-thousand years old? I don't know, but you do know, reader, then give me a comment.

And then there was this mummy that the Year Eights saw after the archaeology lesson. It, according to the description behind it, was a real one. Luckily, it was already passed on. I seriously thought it was alive after how many years! Haha! But yes, the mummy. It was a female, probably a wealthy one, I suppose, I really forgot. I was just surprised enough that it was REAL!

There was another thing I learnt during the trip. During a lesson about the Pasifika Myths and Legends, I learnt a bit more about that myth about how the turtle has a short head, or how it goes in or out, either way it was interesting. And the drum that I played too, even though I didn't know how to, which was pretty awkward, hehe.

I couldn't believe all the stuff I learnt about the Pacific Ocean instruments and lessons. Like these instruments that I saw were unbelievably big and some were strange-looking, but wow, didn't they make a good sound!

All these lessons were just a small amount of ALL the things I learnt during Kia Manawanui's trip to the Auckland Memorial Museum. This was the last time going to the museum with a primary school, but thankfully I learnt as much as I could, while also enjoying it as much as possible.

I had fun.

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