Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Day in the Life of a Year Nine...Math Mayhem and Laughs

Okay, after going inside, we prepare for maths. Or, like I say in the "About Me" column, mathematics! I love mathematics! So, my group went up the stairs, with me doing a small dance on the floor because it was slippery. Mathematics lesson with Mr Sharma. Sitting down, he explains to everyone that there would soon be a race, but for now we were to play some coordinate games on Mr Sharma's maths site.

So, with Chasity, Cypress, Danielle, Stanley, and myself, we were onto it. Wait, Chasity was just putting her netbook up, and she was doing my internet. Cypress was fine with his internet for some reason. Hmm.

Stanley didn't have one. Apparently. His netbook was dead (meaning its battery was so low it won't turn on).

Onto the first game, hopefully I can find the picture.

Screenshot from 2015-04-28 11:24:45.png

This screenshot was from a game in which I, well, mostly Stanley and Cypress, filled a puzzle with puzzle pieces, while thinking of the coordinates. We weren't so good with coordinates.

It was like B4 or E2. I don't know.

Then the next one...
Screenshot from 2015-04-28 11:27:19.png
The one that says "Total Score: 15". That was completely Stanley. He had my netbook. Because I was laughing too hard on the fact that once, at the start of the year, SOMEONE, an old friend, once said that-


And so, Chasity laughed at the wrong answers she got...because of me! Thanks a lot, person who sent me that email and had to be censored out of the picture because of privacy issues!

Then...the space race. Yes, there were some other activities we did, but this one...A SPACE RACE! Who would not skip that?! My team was LIME, and gosh, weren't we confused. First off, we got confused on what group we were, and what number we were also. Now a colour?! No, that was beautiful, actually. The state of confusion...and the fact Danielle and Chasity called their team "Year9Bosses", but then getting it incorrect, and becoming "Limeteam".


Read what happened below. No, really, do read.

So during the, the space race (<- I did say that), my team were...getting some questions wrong...while Danielle, no, Chasity got some questions right! And laughed at us...*sniffs* *sniffs*, the memories are flooding in! Me, Cypress, and Stanley kept getting the questions wrong. Gosh, dang it! That was soo not cool! We knew, like, half of a quarter of the things in the quiz!

And we came like what, fourth? That was good enough. One team, sitting behind can I put good job fellas! And oddly enough, one of the answers to the questions (we got said question wrong, because of CHASITY!) was literally on the wall! I couldn't remember the answer, but...yeah, good job to the group in front of us.

Oh, and I blew my nose loudly during the maths session. Oops.

The end of a session full of laughs, but the guilt of losing was left behind. Oh...DANG IT!

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